Be Aware Casino Joy Terms unclear on wagering restrictions.


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
We received a Pitch-A-Bitch recently where a player's winnings were denied on the grounds that they had violated the Terms. The winnings were considerable, €18,000, and when we looked into it it became apparent that the casino's claims against the player were pretty shaky. Specifically the
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state that:
Slot Games Bonus: Wagering cannot be met on 9 line slots (with the exception on Millionaires Club III).
The player had used the 9 line slots. The casino claimed that "wagering cannot be met" means that 9 line slots are forbidden and that playing them will constitute a violation of the bonus Terms, therefore the player's winnings are forfeit.

We believe these Terms are vague and need to be re-written. From a player's perspective, "wagering cannot be met" almost certainly means those games don't count for bonus wagering. The terms should state clearly which games are disallowed and that any wagering on disallowed games will result in confiscation of any winnings. As currently written it looks as though the bonus wagering would be on hold while the player goes and plays these non-wagering games.

I pointed out the vagueness of the Terms and was told by casino management that they'd "consider revisiting them" but that the real issue was "bonus abuse". Explaining our stance on so-called "bonus abuse" didn't have much effect and to date the casino hasn't changed those VIP bonus Terms.

Be Aware: Casino Joy's VIP Bonus T&Cs are not particularly well written nor are they clear on the actual restrictions applicable to the bonus. Player's need to know the casino apparently means "these games are disallowed, winnings will be confiscated" when they say "wagering cannot be met".