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Aug 9, 2001
Hi... I've been in the online casino 'game' for a month or so now... and i've noticed there are several layers to this 'industry'...
first of course are the casinos themselves
then the software and ecash providers (pcs, microgaming, etc)
then the sites that are just ads for sites pretending to give recommendations
then the sites that really try to be ligit with seals but are really just fronts for casinos
then the sites like these and OPA which 'seem' to be ligit sources of information

Of course I am naturally sceptical of anything which claims to be truthful whenever money and the internet mix. But I'd like to know of other sites or resources where casino players discuss stuff, like this place. Also anywhere that breaks down sites / software providers / ecash servers etc would be nice... I know of the big boys but anything more about the way this whole big thing works would be nice to know. Thanks everyone for any information.
Although it has many detractors due to its support of advertisers like Golden Palace, has a great deal of useful on-site information.

There is a specific section which breaks down the sort of information you refer to above into various groups.
Apart from this one and got2bet already mentioned -the original sites that helped me with info

the gamemaster
wizard of odds (if you are into the mathematical stuff)

got2bet always posts a linked list of reliable information sites at his pages and in the newsletter- all the above can be found there for easy bookmarking or links.

Also the OPA homepage and for breaking news and info -listen to casinogazette.

reading through OPA complaints and the board at gambling grumbles will also give you a sense of which casinos are temporarily or permanently on the nose.

I've found that a lot of information out there is dated, incorrect, or inadequate. My mother (and I) have tried hard to create a site with up to date (to the best of our ability) information. We spend hours updating the information weekly by casino, A to Z. You can access any of our sites at

It's frustrating to go to a site that states you can get $30 free with a $1 deposit at some casino but when you go to that casino's site you can't find that offer anywhere. We try to keep our bonuses as current as humanly possible. And while you may find one that isn't correct, it most probably was changed recently and we just haven't caught it yet. definitely has the most extensive data base of casino's however, there is very little in the way of information for 90% of them. Only the big advertisers get space and list their bonuses. We try to list all the bonuses for all the casinos we can find.

Although we don't have the extensive resources of a site such as this or, we do provide a lot of basic casino information.

A good site to go to that lists "most" of the casino's by software type is I've noticed they are missing many casino's but they have an impressive list anyway.

Good luck in your search!
snoopdar, good overviews of the industry and its componant parts can be found in (can you believe it?) BOOKS.

Bill Haywood's Beatwebcasinos published by RGE is the manual for smart bonus hunting. Some of the info about specific sites (o, Tropica! o Golden Palace! Once you were reputable!)is out of date, but the basics are sound and he is appropriately sceptical and humorous.

A more industry sympathetic (and overly optimistic) book is The Complete Idiot's Guide To Online Gambling by Mark Balestra. Again, it is a good overview of the industry as a whole.

I recommend Haywood's over Balestra's.

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