Casino Hold'em Poker Chapter 2


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Aug 29, 2005
Casino Hold'em Poker, Chapter 2

You may recall the discussion in the Forum last year Diamond Games Steal IP relating to my Game, Casino Hold'em Poker (Texas Holdem Poker against the Dealer).

There was clear infringement of my IP rights and the news generated some interesting contributions.

I am happy to update you with the news that the online Casino concerned acted most honourably by discontinuing the unlicensed version of my Game.

Currently the Game (properly licesed) is now available in over 150 on-line casinos and has proved a popular addition (both as a fun Game as well as a money Game) to the traditional Casino games one expects to encounter.

available to play online at NetEnt-powered casinos, Playtech-powered casinos & RealTimeGaming-powered casinos.

As a land-based game it is also present in 15 countries Egypt, Russia, South Africa, Holland, Switzerland , Latvia, Estonia, Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Ukraine, Panama, Sweden, and Romania.

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