Casino Grand Mondial / Casino Share


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Feb 10, 2004
Does anyone know if this group is having Tech difficulties?
I can log in, but cant view my transaction history, game history or banking page . and no one responds to live help. Im waiting for a 200.00 cashout.

Let me know if you can access these areas of the casino.


May 19, 2010
Those casinos were recently purchased by the Casino Rewards group, you could be having issues due to data being moved. If it doesn't clear up quickly, you can contact the CR rep here.

I don't have any of their casinos installed so can't tell you if I'm having issues, but that is most likely the reason and there shouldn't be anything to worry about.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
the whole range of cr casinos have locked me out. it because i am from hong kong i guess.

What about any balances?

There was NO notice given, and NO chance for players to exit ahead of the change. What we have been told does NOT cover players who's country was accepted by Playshare, but BANNED by CR.

The more such stories crop up, the more this change looks like a hurried and botched job. NONE of this happened when Intertops were ordered by MGS to get rid of it's new RTG casino, or get rid of Royal Joker. Intertops gave players plenty of notice, and kept them informed during the transfer. Players who did NOT want to be transferred had plenty of time to finish any outstanding WR, make a final withdrawal, and opt out by closing their accounts.

The SAME advance notice was given ahead of the merger of Royal Joker accounts into All Slots.

The Playshare move was a done deal even BEFORE players were told ANYTHING. There has been NO opportunity for players to opt-out by completing play, withdrawing, and closing their accounts. We just woke up Wednesday morning to find CR had taken over, and all past records, rights, and current offers simply deleted without explanation.

I bet the "grand prize" for the recently launched Quatro promo is NEVER awarded, even though players have already opted in and participated. What about other promos that run for the whole calendar month in the others, where prizes such as a solar power kit are given away each month through a draw where tickets have been earned through play.

Other casinos have closed out ongoing promotions BEFORE any such changes, awarding the prizes early if necessary (Red Flush did this when MGS moved to "Level 11" for US players).

WHY were all the contact routes closed down right away? Surely they should have kept them open, even if simply to tell players that they now have to contact CR. They MUST have realised that players would STILL be attempting to contact them, and that the new contact details would NOT become immediately obvious until the takeover had "bedded in".

I got the email fro CR, but why NOTHING from Playshere to tell players they now had to contact CR, not even a "thanks for having you" appreciation email.


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Feb 17, 2010
napa, ca
I had the same issue. My payout seemed to be missing...But all is well now. You should go onto the new casinoshare website (just type in casinoshare in google) and download the new software..You will probobly see that your payout is back in your balance..Request a new payout...:p