Casino Grand bay---gift voucher???


RIP Donna :(
Aug 14, 2004
I haven't post here before....but have been reading everything. Thanks so much for all of your posts!!
I have a question about Casino Grand Bay, I signed up for an account with them, and did a small dep. when I am loged into casino and click on "promotion" a gift voucher come up, with a place to put in a code...does anyone know where you get that information?
I have seached there site, nothing.

Well, you need a promo-code to get the bonus. One time they send me CD with the software and it included a code for a $100 free bonus, no dep. nevessary. These guys are definetely the best when it comes to giving out bonuses. Just a shame you can pretty much only wager on slots...
CGB response

I sent an email to them before I posted. Asking what it was.....
I recieved an email this morning,
about the gift vouchers
"Please note that gift packages are mailed to individuals
worldwide as a Marketing drive.
This is done at random."

That answered my question.....THANKS's ok with me if they only let you use with slots...I LOVE the slots!!!

I hope I can win at CGB like I was winning at lucky nugget. I just wish I had print screen to post on this site. It was so realllll WHOOOOOHOOO's


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