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Nov 18, 2012
Dear all,

I'm just new here and registered because I have a problem with Casino Glamour. I deposited through different options, one was for example NETeller. The deposits through NETeller went good and the money was deposited into my account on that casino instantly.

Now, in Holland, we also have the option iDeal (processed through Envoy services). On almost every site, depositing through this option will fund your account instantly since the money is also debited from your bank account instantly. But NOT at Casino Glamour.

I deposited through iDeal, the money is now debited from my account since last Thursday, and after that i got an error page stating 'Page could not be found'. I then immediately mailed support, and they said 'send us a screenshot of the debited amount from your bank account'. I did two times, and both times i got the reply that I had to send it in .JPEG format, however i already did that. They claim they received .DAT files instead of .JPEG but that is nonsense.

Although it's only 20 dollars, the money should already be in my account and i am waiting four days now which is way too long. Also, some other players which I know in Holland have the same problem through this deposit method and also were not credited.

The support is now ignoring me after various mails where I say that I did send it in .JPEG en that they can just search on their iDeal page that my payment has been completed, but they are not willing to have a look at credit my account. Hope someone can help me!

Thanks in advance! :)
Are you absolutely certain it is JPEG? Right click on the file and select "properties". This should settle this aspect of the argument.

The other aspect shows just how shaky internet transaction services can be. This SHOULD be traceable internally, either from their end or iDeal's end. A JPEG of the debit from your account is not going to help in tracing the money, all it proves is that it was debited. Most likely the money IS lost in some black hole, but the casino are willing to make good the amount from their own funds once they have proof you are not just trying to con them.

Rather than covering up this problem through making good once proof has been supplied, both merchants and processors need to get together to ensure that such failures always push the money to the merchant, or push it back to the source.

The banks would like us to believe that electronic money is 100% secure, but it isn't, and this demonstrates this. Transactions are just data, not actual money. A counter one end is decremented, and another incremented. If they get out of step, money can either disappear, or be created out of thin air. Mostly, it disappears, but occasionally it is created in the players' favour - and casinos seem very quick to spot the problem when this happens, and they don't demand proof from the player that they have been credited twice before they will act to rectify the problem.

Some years ago, such an error created an additional £2000 in my favour at a casino, and even though I insisted, CS kept insisting it didn't happen, could not happen, and that I should just get on and play. Had I been inclined, they would never have found out, it was only my insistence that meant a higher member of staff took the trouble to actually investigate rather than give me the brush off that they discovered I had an extra £2000 of their money.

The above looks like a front line CS brush off, however going via the rep should get this properly investigated and the problem solved. If other players have reported the issue, this is an ongoing problem, not merely a one off. It may result in the iDeal option being temporarily removed.
Hello Dutchboy,
Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I apologize for your inconvenience.
I will look into this matter and get back to you via private message ASAP.

I would say about 1 out 10 deposits I make to one of their sister casinos goes missing. Usually takes a day or two but after providing the Moneybookers transaction info they are able to track it down and credit my casino account.
Well I expected the money to show up automatically too after a few days, because most of the times this happens automatically. Now if I did not mentioned this to them my money would have been gone. It's nearly one week ago now since I deposited this money so I hope Itsik to come with a solution soon, but I trust the rep and will wait for the reply :)
Sorry for the late response - this transaction has been solved: however, yesterday, the same issue happened again. I have already informed Itsik about this, but haven't got a reply yet. Have to say that it is very annoying to deposit your funds (they are directly debited from my bank account), but not get them in your account. I already wait another 16 hours now, but still nothing.

Hope they'll do something to fix these problems.. :rolleyes:
I feel for you Dutchyboy - it's such a nuisance. I sometimes use iDeal for certain NetEnt casinos and never had any problems. Veel geluk met het spel!
i have also deposited 1 time through the envoy services in september or october dont remember very well

the money take more then 5 days to reach the account
it was my 1st and last deposit with that method.
neteller /skirll are much better
It's kinda annoying but still no reply of Customer Support regarding this. Can see that neither Itsik read my message, since he hasn't been online since my last deposit. I'm a very patient guy, but have to admit that I am losing my patience a bit at this point now.. Find it very inconvenient that my money still has not been credited.
wait until complete the 10 business days (the only time that i deposited there by that method it was the time that i waited)
Well I think it's ridiculous if I have to wait ten business days whilst the money was instantly debited from my account and every other operator would have deposited the funds directly in my account. Hope they fix this earlier. But I know what happens when I deposit through this method now..
Well I think it's ridiculous if I have to wait ten business days whilst the money was instantly debited from my account and every other operator would have deposited the funds directly in my account. Hope they fix this earlier. But I know what happens when I deposit through this method now..

i know its not good
my money left my account in the same instant too, its true
but take that time because the money 1st was transfered from my account to envoy services, only after that was transfered to everest

it was the response that i got from them (live chat)

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