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Jan 11, 2006
East Hampton
I got an email the other day from casino glamour telling me if i deposited 10$ they would give me a 50$ sign on bonus (non-cashable). I deposited 20, and managed to work it up to around 200 after around 3 hours of play. I emailed thier support asking if I had met the bonus requirements so that i was eligable to cashout. This was 2 days ago. I havent heard anything from them since. Now thier website is unreachable. Thier casino software is still working, and you can still play there, however.

Does anyone have any experiences with this place? Is there any chance in hell that I will see any money from them, or is this some kind of hit and run operation?
I just checked their website and it is working ok. I also noticed they have Kahnawake certification (legit) so I think maybe your internet connection is the problem with reaching their website?
Casino Glamour

I have played there alot..I love there very unique slots.
They are pretty new to US players...I have had a cashout from them no ID or anything. Couple of days after was in my neteller.:thumbsup:

Hope this helps.
Looks like it's a Grand Virtual powered casino, part of the Online Gaming Alliance. They've been around a long time, but a quick search did not reveal much information about them.

They have a website where you can contact them:
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Also, the VP of marketing is a Casinomeister forum member. Maybe you could PM him and ask for more info

I used to play at Grand Virtual a lot and am almost 100% sure that the bank won't even let you withdraw unless you've met wagering requirements. Try and withdraw and see what it says.

Sometimes I know I tried to withdraw when not meeting the requirements and the bank said "you had a bonus and have not met requirements. Do you want to continue cash out but with bonus removed?". You then get the option to take the money or cancel and carry on playing.

I actually like that, as if you deposit and do great on your first few bets you can choose to drop the bonus and continue cashing out.

One thing though, this group do have pretty terrible customer support. Emails do get responded to, but often a long time after sending. Once an email took 3 months for me to get a response!!

:) I play at this casino fairly regularly and usually win. I have had no problems receiving my winnings and they always return my e-mails. My only problem is that I have to disable my firewall prior to intalling as it won't allow me to install and after I am done playing my Norton scans and detects spyware. So I always uninstall after I play but other than that I think they are trustworthy and I love their slots.:thumbsup:
Casino Glamour has been around for a long time, and as an earlier poster opined it is powered by Grand Virtual, a Canadian outfit that was taken over by a major Taiwan group called Giga Media and generally has a rep for being a bit antiquated but essentially honest.

Last time I looked at this place it was owned by a group called Paramount Holdings Incorporated, but it may have changed hands as this was a while back.
Lack of contact details

Just checked out the site, as I lurve slots. Must admit, some of the games are great....particularly that faerie thing. Just cracks me up. :D

However, have only used P4F mode so far, as there is something I am not sure about - even though all the posts above unanimously endorse this casino, there is no contact number on their web site, only an email address. :confused:

Should I be concerned?
You may have more success in future to try contacting them via the online chat service. Form my dealings with them they run on EST so you should be ableto chat a live support agent between 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday

As Jetset commented they are "a bit antiquated but essentially honest." Which I've also found to be the case too.

Not that I play here much, but I do like their cashier setup. That is it wont allow you to cash out unless you've met wagering requirements :thumbsup:

If you have any issues I'd also suggest contacting
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I personally have no complains on all casinos of this group, play there myself... They are established for a long time, late 90's but until last year they didn't accept players from the states...
I guess they got a real boost last year as they finally changed that... :)

The CS via mail is at times horrible, they definitely need to work on that...

Got paid, no problems

Sorry i didnt revisit this thread earlier, but i thought i should mention that i did end up getting paid pretty quickly. They even sent me an email offer for another bonus, which i took them up on and busted, but it was a decent offer anyway. Overall i would definately recommend them now, i was just kind of paranoid about not bieng able to acess thier website.
Casino Glamour


I am Jennifer Miller Joyce, the VP of Marketing for Affiliated Web Attractions which handles all marketing for properties powered by Grand Virtual technology.

I was recently traveling for work and missed this posting. In the future, if you have any problems please feel to send me a private message in this forum. I get a notice in my email box and will try to reply as soon as possible. I am happy to follow up on any issues.

I am glad everything worked out in the end, but if you need anything don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

Best Regards,
Jennifer Miller Joyce
VP of Marketing
Hi Jennifer,

I'm happy to see you here... It's always great to see that the casino is browsing the boards, reply to posts and trying to resolve issues....

Keep up the good work!

Good Luck

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