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Oct 31, 2005
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Hi all,

has anybody experiences (good or bad) with casino glamour?
My first experience was , that the download is virus-infected- but I d like to give them a chance...
good luck to all
Their software is similar to Cyptologic's. I played them for the first time yesterday. I un-install the software. The streaks their is unbelieveable. I lost 2 deposit on craps and blackjack. Dealer got 4 Blackjack in a row and I crapped out on dice everytime I placed a $150 bet.
Casino Glamour uses Grand Virtual software. There are over a dozen other casinos using this software, including Casino Fantasy and Casino Elegance to name a few. They have a fairly solid reputation. In my personal experience, I did well and was paid very quickly (about 24 hours).

Good luck!
Also have some hard-to-find games... e.g. 500 hand Video Poker. Although BE CAREFUL on this.. I lost about $600 betting the max each hand. Problem is unless you get a decent starting hand you are not going to be a winner.

Recently they've offered me two really good $100 match promotions though. Nice thing is is that if you get to a highish amount before meeting wagering reqs. you are allowed to cash in but lose the bonus. As such you are almost playing risk free, although you do lose your money first so if you make money after dipping below your deposit amount you are playing with the bonus and might not be able to cash in.

GV has a switched on and professional marketing manager who monitors this board and will assist if asked.

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