Casino Fox 20% real money cashback is worth it or not ? ( not advertise )


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Dec 6, 2011
Punta Cana
So hmm in noticed casino under N1 owner - casino fox they offered no limit 20% real money no wagering cashback ...

But example im from offshore market and for me only good deposit method is Ecopayz method - Why they have 2.5% Fee on Ecopayz deposit and withdrawal - if example - Skrill is more expensive e-wallet and have in their site 0% fee ? hmm interesting ?

And rest trap in short revieved im noticed all version in games are set up in secund a little lowered version RTP % 94% No Limit - Red tiger 94% most rest games same secund livel % RTP still not bad based on 20% real money cashback but why ECOPAYZ is so special - to need set up 2.5% deposit and withdrawal fee? hm Mayby somone from N1 explain ?


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Jun 27, 2018
I'm a fan, 20% of your losses back, no wagering, instantly able to withdraw.. and it happens evey day, not once a week..

What's not to like? Other than the losing your money to get it...

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