Casino Fortune/Sunnygroup should keep noses out of politic on Iraqi War!



Please be advised that I received three consecutive e-mails asking me to vote for or against the Iraqi war and to put my e-mail on a petition. I feel that this is very inappropriate for a casino to get involved in these matters and they should stick with online gambling and issues pertaing to it. For example, the Fortune group asked that I may write my senator on the issue of prohibition of online gambling in the U.S. and asking him not to support a propose bill prohibiting online gamblin. That's ok! It is appropriate. But this crap I received from the suunygroup I believe oversteps boundaries. They should stick to gambling and not the war politics!
I hear where you are coming from, Darling. But what sunny is worried about is losing the US and other customers money when the war breaks out.
But that's POLITICS! :gunman:

Win JACKPOTS not WAR! :cheers:
Hey Darling,

Could you send me a copy of this email? I don't think I received a copy.

This looks like another instance of the Sunny Group speaking before they think. One reason that people want to play at a casino, is to get your mind off things. It's like going to the movies. To start getting political would alienate many of their players. Many of whom are in the US and I'm sure have their sons or daughters sitting in some dusty tent in the Persian Gulf. I've been there and it sucks.
"I've been there and it sucks."

All Gambling BS aside.
I wanted to just say I know this about you Casinomeister and want to sincerely say thanks.
Never having served, I deeply appreciate those that do and those that did. You guys are in a class of your own there! :yes:
Thanks Nick,

What really sucks now is that there is not much (apparent) support from home. At least when I was there, there was a big push to make the soldiers feel that what they were doing was right. We received letters to "any service member" on a daily basis. Some women even sent us their panties! I was there for five and a half months and saw a few women during the first week, and didn't see any until the last week of redeployment. Imagine that.

The troops there don't have the support that we had. And I'm sure that's a real bummer. I also spent time in Central America during the Contra/Sandinista crap, and Americans (especially the press - the Miami Herald for example) were very outspoken against our presence. It can really piss you off. They have not a clue how much is sacrificed by the troops deployed there, and their families back home.
That's very odd, I wonder if its a legitimate email from them. I've got accounts at all 4 of sunny's casinos and have had since way back when, and I haven't gotten any emails from them. Could this be from another casino group trying to make them look bad?

p.s. Thanks for your service Bryan! I just read that on your about me page yesterday. I hope the troops over there now realize that the lack of support is not directed at them, but at the 'leaders' that put them there. You can support the troops, but oppose the action by the government at the same time.
I remember back after the Trade center was hit and they sent out a nice e-mail.

I think that this is just a way to keep up with current events. I have seen a lot of adds with send in your vote for or againsed war. They are everywhere. Like Bryan said,they have a lot of US players and who have a loved one there like myself. I feel that this is a way to say no or yes to war and maybe have our loved ones come back home.
Bryan, just to let you know I sent you the e-mail that Casino Fortune has been sending its players. Others I know have received the same e-mail several times.

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