Casino Fortune Killing Player With Kindness


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Jun 30, 1998
This just in from a player who had a problem at Casino Fortune. Thought I might share it with you:

Hi, Bryan,

Now, this one you are welcome to post and I even encourage it, if this is the type of thing your readers would like to read.

As a post script to my going ballistic about Casino Fortune winnings being credited to my closed FirePay account, I must laud the way in which the Sunny Group handled this disagreement yesterday. In fact, my high regard for everything about that group has just been elevated to even loftier regards because, given a situation in which I was totally out of line, slinging a bit of dirt in the direction of Sunny Group for something that they did not do wrong, rather than locking me out of my account at Casino Fortune, such as most other casinos would have done in a similar situation, when I logged into my account yesterday after work I found bonus credits!

This is amazing and demonstrates how much the Sunny Group values its customers, how understanding it is in the face of adversity, how patient it is with people who are behaving irrational, but, during the whole incident, how firm and steadily it held its ground and stood by its principles; thus forcing me to do what I had to do to settle our disagreement.

They, in short, killed me with their kindness. They made me feel like a kid who was being reprimanded, but they were never unkind (as I had been). What a high class bunch of people they are! They are caring, forgiving, understanding, patient, honest, and an absolutely outstanding group of people to be around, both in times of calm and crisis. I cannot say enough good about them and will look forward to continuing to play at Casino Fortune (specially when those brand-new tight slots loosen up a bit with age :) ). That does happen, doesn't it? I mean, new machines are usually tighter until they get broken in a little, aren't they? Thanks, Sunny Group, for not kicking me out.
Raenette Dewart
This past week Casino Fortune sent me free credits to try out their new software. I downloaded with no problems, played several games, and promptly loss the comp money, BUT (Behold Underlying Truth)it did not cost me a cent. I plan to return to their Casino and play my pittance there when ever the opportunity arises.

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