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Apr 15, 2000
I think I saw this casino on the not recommended list in the OPA members section. The reason given was that they aren't licensed. Isn't this a Casinomeister recommended casino? Is it licensed?
Actually, if I am correct, Bryan has this as a Casinomeister recommended site. I am not sure if they are licensed though. I never had much luck with Grand Virtual software though. Never won anything big, but when I did when , Vegas USA paid out very quickly. A long time ago on Cyber Thrill, I had one of the worst roulette runs I have had in my gambling career. At that point, I though they were a complete scam, and asked Bryan to blacklist Casino Fantasy/Treasure. Well, Bryan gave me evidence that these casinos were not associated with Cyberthrill, so at that point I agreed with Bryan. One thing that always bothered me was that the mailing address to Cyberthrill was the exact same one as Casino Fantasy/Treasure.
This brought up the possibility that these casinos were associated.

One thing I am curious about is if Htitmob stopped running Carry-On Casino. (Or is it still running??) I tried to get through to the site a few days ago, and could not.
I got paid by cyberthrill. They got lots of bad publicity from webmasters for a 'cash for clicks' program that didn't pay them or something. I still tried them and got paid. They went out of business well over a year ago.

Gaming Internet PLC (which has zap casino and Harrods) uses this software at the moment. I noticed a while ago on their financial reports that they seem to keep 6% of the wagered amount. I thought it was supposed to be about half that on average.
Hi All,

Casino Fantasy/Treasure are licensed. The reason why they were on the OPA not recommended list for not being licensed was because the OPA retrieved their information from Internet Gaming Commission's website which stated they were not licensed. I contacted the Internet Gaming Commission and they said that they sent an email to Casino Fantasy which they never responded to, thus an incomplete form, thus the non-licensed statement.

Anyway, this should have been cleared up by now since this was something I was dealing with about a year? ago. Grand Virtual is a member of the other IGC (for whatever that is worth nowadays) and I have always recommended these two casinos due to their quick payouts and multilingual player support (Not everyone in cyberland speaks English, y'know).


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