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Nov 5, 2001
I notice an advert above this section regarding Casino Fantasy.

I take it they are a reputable firm then?

Does anyone know the software provider?

Des anyone know who thier sister casinos are?

Has anyone any info to do with bonuses and multiple accounts with this casino group?

I have been stopped bonuses at various casinos because i have an account with a sister casino or two of thiers.I can find no such reference to the said rule on thier websites.

I have tried emailing support and used thier live chat to request confirmation of the said rule,and to get a list of thier casinos as to avoid further confusion,but just get told the list of thier other casinos is too long to give me,and that i should deposit funds and hope the software automatically gives me the bonus.

I am not really complaining,just asking for any available info the members may have regarding.

Casino Fantasy has an excellent reputation for paying its players.

The software manufacturer is Grand Virtual. I have never been a huge fan of this software. A while back, I was convinced that thier roulette game was fixed. I played roulette all the time at Cyberthrill, and had some losing streaks that were mind boggling. Cyberthrill went out of business.
But I decided to give Grand Virtual a second chance.

I tried to get an account with Casino Fantasy/CasinoTreasure and realized that gameplay was void in USA/Canada, and therefore I couldn't get any bonus.

Then 3 new Grand Virtual Casinos popped up which were extremely reputable. VegasUSA, CasinoPearl, and Eurpoeangaming. I took advantage of the $30 bonus at all 3 of these casinos by depositing only $1 at each. To get $90 for $3 is almost unheard of, and I got very upset when I found out my credit card had authorizations for $20 at each casino (total $60). However, when I contacted the casino, they explained to me that the $20 was just a 5 day hold on my credit card, similar to renting a car. After 5 days, the $20 would drop off, and I would receive a bill of just $1. It seemed too good to be true, but THE OFFER WAS LEGIT.
All 3 of these casinos are sister casinos, and I managed to win a total of approx $500 from my $3 investment. How?? Playing the zero house edge dice game, called Chuck-A-Luck, and by playing baccarat, neither of which seemed to be rigged.

Yup, I did say ZERO HOUSE EDGE. As per the Gamemaster, who reviewed Carry-On Casino, which is no longer online, but identical to Casino Fantasy and Vegas USA:
(Reprinted from
Gamemaster says:
Chuck-a-Luck: I normally wouldn't recommend this game if you put
a gun to my head, but I have found a version worth playing. Much like the
Roulette above, there's just one bet in the game where there's no house
edge, and it's a coin-flipper as well. The casino in question is Carry On
Casino (Link Removed (invalid URL)). You've probably seen
Chuck-a-Luck at some church 'Vegas' nite or some other such event.
Three dice are in a cage which is rotated to produce a 'toss' and the
player may bet on the numbers 1 to 6. If the number bet comes up, it's
paid at 1:1. If a pair of those numbers come up, the bet pays 2:1 and
trips produces a payoff of 3:1. The house edge here? Oh, just under 8%.
But, at Carry On Casino, there are two even-money bets where there is
no house edge. One is called "Over 10 " and the other is "Under 11".
There are 16 possible combinations that 3 dice can make; here I'll list
them as they appear one on side with the corresponding total on the
other side of the dice:

3 and 18
4 and 17
5 and 16
6 and 15
7 and 14
8 and 13
9 and 12
10 and 11

As you can see, half are over 10 and half are under 11, making this is a
straight 50-50 proposition.

So, if this is an honest game, virtually everything I said about the
Roulette above applies. By the way, avoid the Field bet. While it looks
like a 50-50 play (8 numbers win and 8 numbers lose), it's deceptive,
because those numbers can be made in more than one way. The house
edge on the Field bet is 3.7%.
[End quote]
Well apparently, the game is honest, as I have won close to $4200 lately. VegasUSA offered me a 10 or 15% Paypal or Neteller Bonus on my deposit. I played the Chuck-A-Luck for at least 40 hours in total.
I was doing very well to say the least, so I upped my bet to the table max ($250) in the middle of an 11 row win streak.

I finally have my bakdraft from Banco Uno in San Jose, Costa Rica, for my $4200.(From Naprinel Inc) This time it took them 2 weeks longer than it usually does, but I was paid.
Thanks Dave.

I have currently found the 3 you mentioned,they also have a flash(i think) casino,vegas usa 2.

The little ones(as i call them)are 40 strong..Yes,i have found 40 casinos that say i can have $30 for 1.They all say i can have a fiver($)referal to a friend.I can muster 10 friends,so...40 casinos x $5 x 10 friends,i believe,comes to $2000..Not bad for half an hours work,worth a try?Had to check before refering,so...

Experiences:I started off by depositing $10 in each and collecting small,no problem...A few more $10,collected big ,no problem .Tried to do a few more..No joy.blip,blip,blip after blip.No c/card worky,some no giveth bonus..

Comment:I think i've got thier backs up.All i play is the V/Poker to ruin or 250% profit,excluding thier bonus.I just used it as a sort of sticky bonus,if you catch my drift?Still got up thier nose !Oh well,just had to be too good to be true....

Thanks again for your in depth reply,thankyou,amandajm
Hi amandajm,

I've had Casino Fantasy listed here for three and a half years, and the complaints I've received about them I can list on one hand. Yeah, I agree their software isn't so wow-zow compared to other packages, BUT they support more languages than most casinos. There are many visitors here whose first language isn't English. So they need a place to play where if they need customer support, they can get it in their native tongue.


Casino Fantasy are right at the top of my list of favoured casinos for v/poker,Jacks or Better.

Imagine my delight when i found 40 or so identical,different names though.

I meticulously trawled every single casinos homepage more than once.No mention of sisters and/or no giveth bonus if you join a sister casino...Hmmm...

I am not trying to put them down,i'm just trying to compile a proper list of thier franchise partners,so i can tread carefully when it comes to joining up with more of thier outlets.

Customer support of one of thier casino group say they cannot give me a list,but do say i am welcome at thier casino,they say i should just put in a dollar and hope the software gives me the bonus...Hmmm...

I figured if they won't give me a list,then i'd do my own... I posted a few of thier names in the questions section(i think)..

p.s,any feedback anyone has on any of them could save me a lot of tooing and froeing for sure,prethanks.
It should be added that not all Chuck-a-Luck games have a 0% casino edge. In many of them, you lose if a "triple" is rolled while you're betting on Over 10 or Under 11. The game mentioned in the article had a flaw in it, but that may have been corrected.


the key is to look for the little symbol the casino icon has-eg a crown or a money bag etc. If you have one of these the casino ID you originally logged in at will appear. VegasUSA and Betcrawler are separate and then I THINK there are about 5 other ICON types.

Like you I play the VP - yep its cheap 25c not fast BUT they all pay pretty quickly , I can check my transactions and cant reverse. I do note that I never have the "good runs" I have on the 25c VP if I switch to the 100 VP.

Still I cant reverse here (BIG PLUS!) and I figure if I win 50 a night over the deposit (common) it adds up nicely at the end of the month- certainly easier and cheaper than wiating for the 1000 hit to happen in a session .

You mean the different symbols are an indication of which casinos are grouped with which.I thought so...There are loads of each,especially the little green one.

Are you a member with all you've found?I'm not trying to be intrusive,just asking whether you've had any trouble joining them all?I've had murders with them to be honest...

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