Casino Fantasy Causing A Lot Of Problems


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Apr 15, 2000
Lots of people are having problems with this casino. I already emailed you, Bryan, with my problem. This is supposed to be a Casinomeister recommended casino.

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Hi Sirius,

I'm just getting through my emails now since I took a little break during Christmas. Yes, Casino Fantasy is one of our recommended casinos. There has been very few complaints about this casino in the last 2.5 years. I'll contact them to se what's is up.


I still haven't had a reply. It's not just Casino Fantasy, it's a few of the others with the same software too. I understand why the bonus wasn't automatic in my case, but none have replied to my emails.

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Hi Sirius,

I believe my point of contact must be on Christmas break. I'll see if I can get someone else to respond to this.

Due to the huge success of our december promotion,
some players may have not received their bonus automatically.

All problems should have been solved by now.
If you haven't received the bonus by now please email to:

Please mention your player name to expedite the handling of your complaint.


Casino Fantasy Management
They emailed me and the bonus is in my account now thanks to this message board. The trouble is they didn't mention the other three casinos with the same promotion. I think they must be related to each other. I played in all four of them.
Please do not contact casino fantasy regarding complaints you may have about bonuses not received in other casinos than Casino Fantasy.

You need to contact the right casino concerning your complaints. Any email addresses can be found on the websites of the casinos you have a problem with.

Also please mention your username with any email you send to their customer service department.


Casino Fantasy Management

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