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Casino Extreme

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Thakid2u, Apr 22, 2005.

    Apr 22, 2005
  1. Thakid2u

    Thakid2u Dormant account

    Not to sure of the rep of this place around here. I have to praise the hell out of them though. I've been playing with them for over 2 weeks now and they have been nothing but great. I've withdrawn from them about 90% of my withdraws. I even hit a little over $500 on the Goldbeard slot. $1 spin. INSTANT Neteller withdraw too...Well Withdraw from the casino, then goto Live Support (or call) and within a min or 2 it's in your neteller. No faxback forms unless using Credit Card.

    I thought I should praise this place seeing how it's a RTG casino and there are to many that are good anymore.....

    decent bonuses if you use them too, 100% sign up, and 20% cashback on all losses. Support has always been on and quick to answer.

    Any input on this place would be great...I like to know the neg side of a casino too....

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  2. May 8, 2005
  3. tfny

    tfny Dormant account

    Just cashed out for 75.00. Was in my neteller within 2 minutes. No problem. Don't know why other casinos can't do the same.
  4. May 8, 2005
  5. largeeyes

    largeeyes Dormant account

    North America
    Played at their Ruby Dragon before it was folded. Incredibly fast payouts. I deposited like 300, cashed out 1500 and in and out back in neteller was like 20 minutes. Amazing.
  6. May 8, 2005
  7. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    I'm assuming they want to keep it collecting interest as long as possible in their accounts.
  8. May 8, 2005
  9. Sodax77

    Sodax77 Dormant account

    Human Being
    New Casino in my TOP list
    My 1st Cashout $900 in 2 minutes
    My 2nd Cashout $700 in 3 minutes*.

    *I chat too long with CS assistant ;)
  10. May 8, 2005
  11. thelawnet

    thelawnet Dormant account


    Not bad. I have downloaded their software, but I'm not sure whether I will signup.

    Their bonus page says:

    Which is all fair and great, but what they don't say there is that it's a phantom bonus! So not quite as good as it seems.

    I personally think that this is poor practice (not that the bonus is not cashable, but that they don't spell it out on their promotions page), and that casinos should make it much more clear when their bonuses are not cashable. I know for a fact that people will deposit in the honest belief that the bonus is cashable, because it is not made clear enough. It's a bit of a trick, and I don't think casinos should bury the fact on four screens down their terms and conditions page, but rather should spell it out on their promotions page (if they have room to tell you that they have 'instant payment' and 'no faxback forms', they surely have room to tell you the bad news, which is that the bonus cannot be encashed.
  12. May 10, 2005
  13. sharpgambler

    sharpgambler Webmaster

    webmaster, research
    I went to the promotions page and have clicked on terms and conditions.

    Under Deposit Match Bonus/Coupon Rules the first thing stated is:
    This statement is self explanatory. They are not hidding anything.

    For players that are not used to online gambling it may seem a little confusing but for all others a simple skim through the T&C's would take only a few seconds.

    This casino has also put in bold the most important part of the bonus rules. I think is a good practice.
  14. May 10, 2005
  15. Thakid2u

    Thakid2u Dormant account

    It's even better for us that dont use bonuses. To put your money in, get lucky and win, and have your money within 10 mins total. To me thats better than land based. The reason I say this, Can you go to land based casinos and play in your boxers or even NEKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol :D
  16. May 10, 2005
  17. mikekloeg

    mikekloeg Experienced Member webmeister

    kok and self owner bigcompany

    i only can see yes i agree
    when u go to ur own casino in town :D
    and going to play on a casino
    there dont olso say play now on bingo machine......... :notworthy
    u get a 500%

    stay away for first time deposit casino
    promotion... meens casino wins

    i olso stopp white the promos :thumbsup:

    lfao :cool: :thumbsup:
    Last edited: May 10, 2005
  18. May 13, 2005
  19. tunisianswife

    tunisianswife Dormant account

    registered nurse
    Cincinnati, OH USA
    I have heard from many other players at different forums that have started a thread about this casino that they do pay very fast...anywhere from 5-20 minutes from what I remember players saying.
  20. May 13, 2005
  21. BCarlisle

    BCarlisle Dormant account

    retail sales
    Wow sounds like Casino Extreme is great. A casino that sends back funds at a speed comparable to that at which it takes. If only the others would learn that this is of value to players.
  22. May 13, 2005
  23. Easycoins

    Easycoins Dormant account webby PABnononaccred

    Gambler $ Webmaster ;)
    anything changed?

    I know extreme ( and their partners heat and dragon) for a few years and they had some BAD reputation before. Slow payouts, closed accounts...

    It seems something has changed. Anyone knows about anything?

    Why to stay away from first time signup bonus? Why should you loose?

    Instant payouts:

    Yes, thats really what the industry needs. Casinos seem to think the only way to attract players is high bonusses and since there is lots of Bonus Hunters around, their conditions get worse and non bonus hunters feel often ripped off because their winnings maybe forfeited just because they didn't read they couldnt play roulette, even when they weren't really interested in the bonus.

    I play mostly BJ and I think I am what casinos calll a bonus hunter. But I remember, when Phoenicion and Nostalgia had instant payouts, I played a lot there without any bonus. Knowing your win is yours now, and not in 5 buisness days makes you play. And I redeposited on those casinos a lot more, than I cancelled a withdraw on others!

    Hope things have changed with this group and maybe I'm gonna play there soon as well :)
  24. May 13, 2005
  25. Thakid2u

    Thakid2u Dormant account

    I thought I heard about this place before. But for the life of me couldnt think of it. I remember some bad things before now, that you say that. Something must have changed indeed. I have never had a problem, other than the fact when I actaully wanna play with a bonus, there are none to be had. You know when you have like $20 just sitting.

    If I owned a casino, this is what it would be like. Well some changes but, this is how I like a casino ran.
  26. May 13, 2005
  27. Easycoins

    Easycoins Dormant account webby PABnononaccred

    Gambler $ Webmaster ;)

    Going to the website to one of their old sister casinos shows this:

    Please note that as of Wednesday, March 16, 2005, Casino Heat and Ruby Dragon Casino have been closed.

    As stated in the casino lobbies, players with active balances in each of these operations will be contacted and paid within the next 14 days.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but this closure was necessary. We ask your patience while the casino is transitioned to the authority that handles casino liquidations.

    So something really seems to have changed. Just wrote them an email asking. We'll see...
  28. May 13, 2005
  29. Ivy29

    Ivy29 Dormant account

    Internet Time Waster

    Stay away from the Pickem, it has an "extremely" bad paytable. Not even playable. The bad pays are only 75 instead of 90 for full house, 50 instead of 55 for a straight.

    The only other online casino I've ever seen with that bad of a paytable on that game is Windows Casino.
  30. May 13, 2005
  31. Thakid2u

    Thakid2u Dormant account

    I just looked at 3 other RTGs and they are all the same. Not to sure where your playing, but I will check more and see....
  32. May 15, 2005
  33. Ivy29

    Ivy29 Dormant account

    Internet Time Waster

    It is common to find 50 instead of 55 for straights at RTG's. Vegas Magic pays the full pay schedule, with full coin payouts as 6000-1199-600-90-75-55-25-15-10. That's 99.99% payout schedule.

    If you know more that have the 75-75-50-25-15-10 for the lower hands, you should list them because there is no reason to play that.

    iNetBet, Sci-Fi, Breakaway, King Solomon's and Geisha Lounge all have the 90-75-50-25-15-10 for the lower hands. Pretty much standard stuff for RTG's. I'm always shocked when I see a 75-75-50 or a 90-75-55 because they are uncommon.

    The top three hands payoffs have never fluctuated at any RTG I've been to, but Global Player shorts the 4 of a kind to 500. However, they are the only place I've ever seen 3 play Pickem.

    I know you are currently enamored with them Kid ;) and I'm not picking on them. I just think if you are going to invest the time to play you should look for the best paytables. Your choice, of course.

    BTW they short the Joker Poker full house from 35 to 30, too.
  34. May 15, 2005
  35. Thakid2u

    Thakid2u Dormant account

    Ok, I see what your saying. I figured it would have to do with Inet. :)

    OK, casino extreme changes the full house payout to 75 instead of 90. Thats it. To me that's not a big big deal. I dont play that game though. So I could see where it might be to someone else, but I wouldnt think it would be enough of a major concern not to play there. (I know what you mean) As far as a list. Gimme a few.

    The only explanation to that is maybe, the casinos with the lower Full House payout hit more FH's than the other. That would be the only reason I could see as to lower it. But then that goes back to the operators not having control over gameplay.....
  36. May 15, 2005
  37. Ivy29

    Ivy29 Dormant account

    Internet Time Waster

    I'm not an RTG manager and can only go by what I've read them say about setting paytables, but I believe that those paytables represent the high-medium-low paytables they can set for each video poker game.

    Since I do play those two games, that's why I wouldn't play there. It in no way means I think there is anything wrong with this casino, just isn't geared to my play since I can go to Vegas Magic and play the full coin version.

    I did not look at any other games. There are probably good paytables there, just not on the particular games I like.

    Best thing about that casino is that instant neteller cashout. I would love that! Plus, they seem to be making players happy.
  38. May 16, 2005
  39. GemG7

    GemG7 Dormant account

    Sci Fi pays 55 for a straight in Pick Em so does VegasMagic.

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