Casino Extreme finally paid me!!


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Jan 27, 2003
My experience with Casino Extreme was very similar to that of Crystal Palace.

I had VERY good luck with video poker and tried to withdraw just my $250 bonus, leaving my deposit and winnings in the account, after finishing my first deposit bonus wagering. I always do that to see how well the casino pays cash-ins and to officially end the promotion with all of it's restrictions. Some casinos keep their bonus play restrictions as long as the bonus funds are still in your account... even after the wagering requirements have been met!!

Three times during the next month, the cash-in was reversed back into my account and (based on comments in this forum) I suspected that I would never see any money. During this time, I went to the casino to check on the withdrawal status and play video poker with the balance of my winnings.

After the first reversal, they said to try it again. I tried to take out my deposit plus the bonus ($500)the second time, leaving the winnings in the account. After that one was reversed, they said to try again (3rd try now). After that one was reversed, they said that it had to be for MORE than the sum of the deposit plus bonus, to show a profit from wagering. (Some casino's will not pay out the bonus if you have lost any part of it.)

OK... The fourth time, I requested my full account balance... but expected to get nothing. About a week later I called them (1-800-851-9247) and was told that my account was fine and they were trying to improve their system and make things right. Then, lo and behold, the money was in my NETeller account!! :)

This is from a newsletter which I have received since then:

First and foremost I would like to welcome you to the first weekly edition of the Royal Casino Group newsletter. If you are unfamiliar with RCG you may be more familiar with the casinos which we acquired during the fourth quarter of 2002, namely Casino Heat, Casino Extreme and Ruby Dragon Casino. During the last six months or so we have been correcting business issues as well as introducing new processes and procedures in order to remedy certain management and business issues that have been discovered since the acquisition. In saying this, Royal Casino Group has replaced management of each casino in entirety and will ensure that our vision of creating the Internet's number One destination for Online Gambling is reached byproviding you with a safe, fair, private and service-orientated online gambling environment which is unrivalled by any other online casino operation.
Yours faithfully,
Martin Carrera

Head of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
Royal Casino Group

I'm just sharing my experience... use your own judgement and be careful with all online casinos.

Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister

Glad to hear you finally got paid out on this :)

What surprises me, is that we all hear of these type of play through wagering problems on a daily basis. Why haven't the casino's implemented a type of " play through meter " that the player can tell at a glance how much he/she has wagered?

Or it it possible that the casino's haven't implemented this for obvious reasons?
This group is still in the rogue section I believe.

Simple answer glodge, yes!
Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister

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