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Casino Extreme changed their terms, what now!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by chucho, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    Casino Extreme, Heat and Ruby Dragon changed their terms for the sign up bonus. I guess they could not longer take the Extreme Heat of screwing so many players out of the bonus. My brother recently played their and they paid his winnings and deposit, but kept his bonus event hough he played by their terms. So he contacted Casino Meister and Casino Extreme wrote back with the same old bonus abuser crap. The best part was when they wrote "We felt we were being more than fair by allowing him to keep his winnings as many other casinos would have taken everything, and in most cases even kept his original deposit." Sure, most casinos would have kept all his money including his deposit, like Crystal Palace or any of Oliver Currans "casinos" right, ha ha ha. So now they have a crap sign-up bonus along with a crap reputation, good luck Casino Extreme, you will need it.
  2. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    chucho, i really dont know why people play there , they known crooks and the worst table limits of any rtg casinos. Just to much hassle for me
  3. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    AGREED....They are, just about, THEE WORST OF THE WORST!

    There is an old saying:

    "Slap me once shame on you, slap me twice shame on me."

    My "friend" Oliver slapped me once...he will NEVER get the opportunity to slap me twice!
  4. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    Actually in the long run I have slapped both those bitches, Oliver Curran and Casino Extreme, in that I have made a pretty penny of them. A month ago when I was playing for a friend, oops, I mean when my friend played at Casino Extreme and Casino Heat. He cashed out about $1300 profit including the bonus which was paid which is why I, oops, I mean my brother went back to play again. I would not play there again even if they did not change their terms as yes getting slapped once is enough unless you are into that kind of thing :eek2:
  5. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    :lolup: :lolup:

    No, I am not into that kind of thing.... ;)
    Anway, not by Oliver...LOL
  6. gamblinboi

    gamblinboi Dormant account

    um, Casinomeister, i think this guy needs to get booted as he's obviously a scammer akin to that crudebar guy.
  7. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

  8. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Yeah, they are scumbags, but I think you did scam them by playing as your friend/brother. I personally don't care if you ripped off those clowns, they probably deserve it. But you did scam them.
  9. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    SCUMBAGS is putting it mildly.
    ESPECIALLY....Mr. Curran
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2004
  10. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    LMAO! That is great.
  11. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    THANK YOU :notworthy

    I hope he monitors this board and sees it :D
  12. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    I second the nomination to remove the self-proclaimed fraudster, Mr. Chuco.

    Interestingly, the Extreme group currently claim to pay instantly to Neteller. I understood that this was an offer tied to a particular promotional period a few weeks ago, not that it was an on-going policy.

    Anyone have recent experience of this?
  13. Clayman

    Clayman Dormant account

    "Keep Your Username/Password Safe - The Player is obliged to keep his/her private User-ID and Password secret and confidential. Any use of the software application through the Player's User-ID is the sole responsibility of the Player. The Player will not allow any third party or person, including and without limitation to any minor, to use his/her account to place wagers or participate in the games in any way. You are solely liable for any losses, costs or expense associated with use of your Account.

    The Player will use this software application to gamble on the Internet for his/her own private personal use only and not for the use of others."

    You know interpreting the line between what's in compliance or not has always bothered me a little. I've never seen a thorough discussion of the subject - it almost seems as if it's "taboo" to even discuss in detail what exactly constitutes player fraud.

    I know this is off-topic but, nonetheless, just was wondering

    Am I in violation when I allow my wife to play a few hundred hands of BJ on my account? Who needs a dishwasher, I mean auto-play, when you have a wife? Would it make a difference if I paid her, as opposed to not paying her, any winnings she won during her play out of the cash-out? If I told her I had a 100/100 deal and just let her play it, assuming she gave me the $100? (Needless to say this has never happened as it will be a cold day before my wife gives me even $1 :) ) Although the checking account that funds Neteller is jointly-held, if it matters. (Side question - can Neteller accounts be jointly-held? I should look into that.)

    When I pop-over from a heart attack from losing that last $100 double at Crypto, will I be in violation if my wife finishes the deal and cashes out the money or, since casino accounts can't be jointly-held, I assume, would, in order to stay in compliance with the T&C, the money have to pass thru my estate instead of to her by operation of law? I suppose so.

    If my brother-in-law comes over while I'm playing and we're having fun and he suggests I raise my bet, and I do, is he "participating in the games"? What if I paid him the $10 he made or he paid me the $10 he lost? Is it any different if I just absorb the loss or gain and he does not profit or lose?

    Likewise, if I'm at a friend's house and offer advice and he accepts it, is that fraud if I'm not financially involved? Is he in violation if he pays me, say, a flat consulting fee?

    Maybe all of these would constitute technical violations (I suspect they might), albeit perhaps minor ones, if there is such a thing. The only thing I've ever done is let my wife occasionally play when she wants to and I just absorb the loss or gain. It's just fun for us. Also, I have raised my bets a few times for the heck of it, against my better judgment, at my brother-in-law's suggestion. But I figure, ultimately, it's my decision. On the other hand, if he suggests the wrong play, sure as the sun rises in the East, I veto it.

    Although I've had offers from people asking me to come to their houses and play on their accounts, and split the money in some fashion, for reasons perhaps more pragmatic than moral, for whatever reason, I'm just not into that. I guess that's where I draw the line.

    Anyway, just wondered while on my 3rd screwdriver of the nite exactly where the line is drawn and how much of a fraudster I am.

    Now, in golf, it's real simple - it's a violation of the rules to seek or give advice - so don't ask your buddy what club he just hit before you hit your shot! (though you can look in his bag to find out - how silly is that?)
  14. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    Anyway, just wondered while on my 3rd screwdriver of the nite exactly where the line is drawn and how much of a fraudster I am.

    Now, in golf, it's real simple - it's a violation of the rules to seek or give advice - so don't ask your buddy what club he just hit before you hit your shot! (though you can look in his bag to find out - how silly is that?)

    If only Internet gambling rules were as easy as golf! If you all want to "vote me off the island" than go ahead, after all that is your choice. I personally want to vote Oliver Curran off and Casino Extreme off the Earth. Once he/they are gone, let's move on to the "self-proclaimed fraudsters". But until he/she/shim, what I mean is that Lady Boy Olive Curran is gone, why not focus our energy on the number one fraudster in the internet gaming world, Mr. Curran, and not Senor Chucho!
  15. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    That's really pretty straightforward. You will not allow period. Regardless of who or what the relationship is. So technically, letting the wife earn her keep by playing a few hundred hands would be a violation of the rules.
  16. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    LOOK...We all know that there are many people who play for, and with their families or friends. It is a constant in our community and as long as there is online gambling, it will happen.
    The rules get bent or broken....So what!

    There are much more important things to concern ourselves about.
    For instance, the future of online gambling. What idiots in our government, here in the U.S., keep trying to make online gambling illegal?
    Now...that would be a MAJOR problem!

    Leave my friend Chucho alone and concentrate on getting rid of the real "FRAUDSTERS" like Curran instead.
    That would be an accomplishment and an asset to our ENTIRE community.
    I am now off my soapbox. :thumbsup:
  17. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

  18. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    Chuco is currently posting at other gambling boards about how to get around casino security checks and generally peddle his fraud.
  19. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    Who is "chuco"?
  20. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    chucho, how many accounts do open at one casino?? :rolleyes:

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