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Sep 3, 2003
BJ: 8 decks,dealer hit soft 17 <--crap Blackjack

Additionaly all withdrawal requests are placed into a 48 hour suspense account during which time we may cancel our withdrawal request plus withdrawals are processed once per week.
Withdraw limits do exist

Ridiculous for me these rules and they wanna call themselves a serious casino :what:
Do you know if they have regular or sticky bonuses

I've given their terms a look over and they don't seem to use a sticky bonus but their sister casino (Del Rio) does so I'm not sure. If you have done a withdrawal perhaps you (or anyone else) can answer. Does Europa use a sticky bonus?


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I have played in europa and recieved my payment. Their bonus is not sticky.
There is nothing wrong with their BJ rules. I think it's standard playtech BJ. Their VP is a better bet than BJ anyway so I rarely play their BJ.
I also played at casino del rio when their bonus was not sticky. I was paid in full in a timely manner.
They do have a bad history of player disputes. I'd suggest you sign up through a reputable portal if you really want to give them a go.

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