Casino duty of care to prevent gambling related harm


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Jul 5, 2020
Hello I have had a very dark few months due to gambling. I had an account with unibet (kindred group) and spent about 5k on slots all using my partners debit card. No proof of income checks were requested. I also had an account with 32red (kindred group) where I spent over 3k again on partners card. Again no source of funds was requested.

I destroyed my life with this addiction and after a few emails back and forth to unibet about using 3rd party cards I sent an email stating I was suicidal. I sent to email to quite a few related people (gambling) and someone called to police to check on me.

I have recently spoken to 32red regarding deposits taken AFTER this email was sent. As I understand UKGC states casinos have a duty of care to prevent gambling related harm. 32red apparently escalated my complaint but for 10days they refuse to now respond to my emails which have been sent to 32red and kindred.

I believe that kindred group who state on their website to aim to take no revenue from problem gambler by 2023 yet refuse to accept they have failed in their duty with me.

kindred group apply self exclusions across their network but when I sent my email stating I wanted to end my life but I didn’t specifically ask to be self excluded they have closed my account and not self excluded me. For a few days after this I continued to gamble with 32red.

my question is should kindred group have excluded me due to clear harm from gambling or am I completely at fault as I didn’t ask to be self excluded?

I have been to the dr about my mental health, I am also attending GA and have signed up to Gamstop. It is only this last month or so I have started to feel like myself and get quite angry at casinos that pay lip service to gambling harm yet still think the onus is entirely on the player who in this case was clearly not of sound mind.

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