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Jun 30, 2008
Goog day from Germany once more ! Sorry my Englisch :)

I have some Problems with the cash out by the casino Del Rio
I have won something (see my screenshot ) after it I have try to withdraw the money....with the paperchek.
After 21 days my withdraw was back on my account ...also I have got any information about it , whats happened or so.....I cintakt onlinesupport but they dont knon whats a am waitingfor the answer from Casino Department after 2 days a have get nothing....If I will I make withdraw once more ....I must wait 10-26 days again without any Accuracy that I will get my money ...
P.S. Withraw method was papercheck Express , I have play without bonus also all ok, My documents were accepted from the Casino Department for about 1 month.

What do you think about this situation ?
Have somebody Experience in this Casino ?
thanks for help and have a nice day from Germany !


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Jul 5, 2005

I never had any problems with Casino Del Rio.

So good thing is you played without a bonus. So all games were allowed and there are no wagering requirements!

How much do you want to withdraw at once? May be there is a limit?

Is the support in german? I don't think so. Because for me ( i am german too) the support is english.
Have you phoned the support for help? Or you can use the online support via chat.


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Jan 8, 2009
Anyway congrats on your great winning! Expired Image
I hope you will withdraw it soon.

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