Casino Craze - secure withdrawal homepage or not?


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Oct 13, 2003
I was going to make a withdrawal after playing at Casino Craze ( and from the homepage, I chose "banking" and "withdraw" and was taken to a page where you are supposed to enter your UserID and Password. I noticed that it was NOT a https:// page and no sign of any security measures was visible... I then contacted live support:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Agy'
Agy: How may I help you today?
Me: Hi! I went to the banking section and noticed that I am supposed to enter my username and password on a page that is not secure...
Me: information could be compromised..
Agy: ok one moment please
Agy: when you say Banking section what do you mean
Me: homepage... choose banking...
Me: choose withdraw
Agy: ok one moment please
Me: you are supposed to log in from this page.. But it is not a secure page
Agy: Yes it is safe to submit your Bank account information
Me: Im supposed to enter my username and password. If it was a secure page, it would be a https:// url
Me: and a little lock would be displayed in the lower right corner of Explorer
Agy: Yes you need to to enter your username and password in order for you to able to log in to the side
Agy: Our site is totally secure
Me: Then why does my browser not indicate that it is a secure page?
Me: information entered on a page like this is sent unencrypted..
Agy: I reassure you that our web site is totally secure
Agy: we have customers from all over the world and we provide a very secure service
Me: Ok.. I will try to get someone else to verify that it is indeed a secure page...
Me: thank you for your help
Agy: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Agy: Thanks for chatting! please contact us again if you have any further questions.
Me: bye

So now - here I am... Can somebody tell me if it is secure to enter your userid and password on this page?
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You're right, the complete withdrawal section is a non-secure http site. Only deposits are encrypted. I prefer Boss Media casinos that utilize webdollar, it just feels more safe.
I think there is good reason to be concerned then... Especially when the casino don't think this is a problem... But apparently there is no way around it.. You HAVE to enter your userID and password on an insecure webpage in order to make a withdrawal..

You have been warned...
Hmmm.... this casino has caught my attention because they are somewhat innovative and seemed to be a new start for Boss. I guess they missed something here that needs fixing... should be easy enough to do.
Hi Trick

Unfortunately, I missed this thread until today.. (thanks Dominique)...

1. This has been fixed this morning and our Withdrawal Page is now secure as well. Slight slip, and for that we apologize.

2. I have had another word to Customer Support about the importance of advising us of potential problems - this should now be rectified too.

If you see any other problems, or would like to make any comments, please contact me directly....

Just checked out Casino Craze web page (I've never heard of them before!)

It's very lacking in useful information - like exactly what games they have and what is the min/max bet on each of them.
But it looks like Blackjack fully permitted in WR. (Not that I personally care about that!)

Hopefully Stephen will read this post & enlighten us!
(Haven't the strength for e-mailing at the moment! :eek2: )
Casino Craze is brand new, and they are Boss software. They have improved on a number of things that Boss provides, but the suite of games is Boss.

I have always liked Boss - I am happy to see someone has shown interest in it and has taken the trouble to improve on things.
Casino Craze, and its sister Fast Poker were covered in a recent Casinomeister Newsletter, together with ownership details.
sw2003 said:
If they are Boss media, then they have Boss games period.

That's what I said:

They have improved on a number of things that Boss provides, but the suite of games is Boss.

The suite of games is Boss. They have a better payment system and some other improvements.
One question for Casino Craze. Has anyone joined their affiliate program?
Some strange things appear in my stats. And I am a bit anxious. I have 100%
sent 2-3 players but my stats are simply strange and do not update. Can anyone confirm their "fairness" of their affiliate program?
Can anyone confirm their "fairness" of their affiliate program?

They are using the same affiliate system as Income Access, which is a very good program. Instead of joining Income Access they leased the software, as did Vegas Affiliates.

I have not noticed any problem. They do have some leeway as to how the stats present, but it looks to me like they are using Income Access stats exactly.

dominique, why do you consider their payment system better than webdollar

I am not considering it better, I am not much of an expert on payment processors. Apparently Casino Craze decided they didn't like webdollar and preferred their current choice.

I know that their choice of an Income Access affiliate program was a wise decision over the usual boss interface. It is infinitely better.

Our Affiliate Stats are updated daily automatically, so if you sent Players via your links, then your stats will show them.

So that we can check this properly, please email me more details:

1. Link used by the Players
2. Date they became Players
3. Their User #s
4. Anything else you think appropriate.

Thanks, Stephen

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