deposit glitch must be my fault


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May 31, 2015
Somestimes I forget that if something ever happen at a casino that won't even invest a minute to solve a simple problem, I will be the one getting the punishement.

I use muchbetter for deposits and withdrawals at casinos that process both paymentas in CAD. It an awesome app but if its in EUR its way too expensive. At least if it's a regular thing.

I never had ANY problems with that app in probably 100 deposits at 10 different casinos. Rizk even started to process withdrawals in 10 seconds now.

Since have the best mobile app for playtech and blueprint, even if I always feel treated like crap there, I still make a little deposit from time to time. Don"t get me wrong, their chat support is awesome. That's actually a very good way to deal with things if you don't want to talk to the people that you only care a little if they lose their deposit and gtfo.

That was my second deposit of the day, 25$. It was through their mobile app and I feel like there was some kind of glitch. As usual when I clicked deposit with the chosen amount in the casino menu, a pop ip from muchbetter appears and I have to confirm or cancel the transaction. I confirmed. Money did leave my account and nothng happend at Argh.....good thing It's only 25$ because I felt like I would get told that I dreamt about it,

I asked support to check... I showed him the 3 different screenshots of my muchbetter transactions and te 25$ confirmed. I also showed him the transaciton section of the menu that was showing it as canceled.

First 2 times in chat, told to wait some more. Thrid time the agent tell me he has some news. Thanks for not even sending an email by the way. He tells me the transaction is showing as canceled on my screenshot LOL. I know?! And thats it. After insisting, he told me he would escalate it again,

Maybe the glitch was caused by my pending withdrawal that I didnt want to reverse since their withdrawals only have 96 hours pending. The usual.

I feel even worse that I am wasting my time and yours for 25$ but at this point, maybe people should know the risk of dealing with such nice people.

What should I do? Muchbetter thinks they are really funny... Not their first time I guess

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