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I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as to this not being spam. Be more specific to the casino you're asking about. This is a portal and not a casino.
It is not just a portal, it also operates its own casino. It was Boss Media, but switched last month.

It is Virtue Fusion software. It is flash, fairly slow, and I have not found a way of completely turning off the sound. The selection of games is small, there is no video poker. Blackjack is 6 deck, S17, ENHC, double on 9-11 only, DAS, no resplits, no surrender. The house edge is 0.67%, which is pretty high. It feels fair, but I have not played enough to tell, but I am winning slightly.
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My bad, I just saw the two popups when it loaded and advertising for other casinos so I assumed (doh!) that it was simply a portal. Thanks for the clarification :oops:
It took me about 3 weeks to get paid, despite the website claiming 3 days for BACS transfers. Customer service went very quiet when I queried where my withdrawal was, but eventually I got paid. Not a casino I would recommend.
These are the (Gaming Corporation) guys who bought and Got2Bet earlier this year and have been growing like topsy with acquisitions.

Last I saw on them was a couple months back when they gave a very positive trading update saying that their new m-gaming interests in particular were doing better than expected. I think they must be just about due to publish their latest financial quarterly soon.

I think Virtue Fusion is involved in their m-gaming venture, too.

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