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Oct 27, 2003
Well, anyone who knows my postings will know I'm a fan of Boss Media casinos for BJ.

But I'd just like to put in a word for another reliable 'British' one namely

Firstly for me they play sterling which for us in the UK saves the cost of exchanging 's for $'s every time we want to join in the fun.

For players who enjoy bonuses, they offer a sign up bonus match of 20 and also a monthly match of 100 by invitation to VIPs. The wager requirement is fairly high at 20x P+B, but not insurmountable. (The only games not allowed for WR are Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Craps and Mini Baccarat).

The BJ plays typical of Boss, it can be a little streaky, but you must use that to your advantage.

Most important of all you win - you get your money! Quickly enough for me via Webdollar to my card normally in 2-4 days.

The last time I recommended a casino was Crockfords and although many enjoyed the service from them not all could download the software! - I am sure you will not have the same problem here.

Best of luck to all.
Caruso, it's these kinds of mindless postings that really get on my nerves. If you feel they are rigged, show me. If you have anything to back this up, spill the beans.

If you have something constructive or enlightening to say, say it. I'll be damned if you come in here and try and turn this place into some circus for your own amusemnet.
It's my opinion, from my experience of playing Boss blackjack, that it's rigged. I'm an expeienced player, and although I don't have "conclusive evidence" (20 million hands), in my opinion the game is rigged. Other people can make up their own minds. I offer my opinion as the cheaper alternative. :)

And I can promise you there is nothing "mindless" about my opinion. But I know you know that.

In my opinion, players should stay away from Boss blackjack.
Bryan, I'm confused:

I also posted positive comments in the GF thread, about their blackjack game. I noticed the following posted by I believe one of the CM long time (and respected?) posters, which is what moved me to comment:

"The blackjack here however leaves MUCH to be desired. It plays as poorly as at the other 3 casinos. In other words, I believe it is NOT dealing a fair game. Its even more 'lucky' than the microgaming invincible dealer. Never seen so many multicard 21s & dealer BJ when I up my bet or play 3 hands at once. At no point did I have more money than I started the game with, and it cleaned me out in short order.

Bottom line, DO NOT PLAY BLACKJACK AT GFED unless you like to lose your money! (Rainman please take note!!)"

Why is THIS fair comment, whereas my comments about Boss - probably based on rather more play - are "mindless"?

I think your criticism is very unfair and entirely unfounded. I am anything but "mindless" and I have absolutely no axe to grind, other than that of "player protection".
Caruso, JPM backed his statement up with his experiences. As for your posting (which I was critical of), you merely stated that it was rigged, that was it.

If you were to have stated "I feel that it is rigged", then it would have a different meaning since it was related to your experience. To bluntly state it "is" rigged implies that this is a fact of some certainty that has been proven by some sort of findings.

Catch my drift?

For a newbie wandering in here, they would see that post and take it for what it is. This is unfair to the casinos which run this software, and to the software supplier itself.

Be my guest on stating anyone is rigged, but you need to have some sort of backing via experience or collected data to sit well with me.
Boss BJ seems no more or less rigged than MG, PT, RTG, IG..... need I go on.

All these software systems are rigged or not according to anyone who has played, lost or won.

The problem is that some players are no better than the guys in bookmakers (turf accountants) who just can't see their own selection, staking methods etc are in fact to blame for their poor record of losing money. So there always has to be some other reason. Insisting that the jockey , trainer, track officials, cleaners , or even GOD!! are to blame for some wild conspiracy against them, just because their selections keep losing.

Caruso - thanks for your input here. I am sure you are not 'mindless', but simply posting 'Boss blackjack is rigged.' is going to seem a bit harsh. As you say it is your opinion and your'e certainly entitled to that - I trust you will grant me the same privilege.

Perhaps you could confirm your experiences of playing BJ at, the casino I was highlighting here because I feel that they are reliable and have plenty to offer particularly to anyone such as myself from the UK.

Best of luck to all.
I should reiterate that I did not intend to imply that Caruso is mindless; he has a mind.

I was referring to the post.
Several things - your registration date, your comment about the $/ exchange rate (which isn't a problem at all, speaking as a fellow countyman) your comment that "they all play the same", your comment "all these software systems are rigged or not according to anyone who has played, lost or won" lead me to the conclusion that you're a inexperienced player. Would I be right? If not, apologies.

That being the case, I think the dangers of the blind leading the blind (relative newbies leading / misleading (LOL) total newbies) are equal to the dangers of unfairly "misrepresenting" a software provider. What's worse? A newbie getting cheated, or a fair casino not getting a player's business because someone wrongly told them the casino was cheating? LOL, the former I think - by a country mile.

vgyhnji - if you want some recommendations I can happily give you a few, most of which will be dollar based, and all of which will serve our paesanos just as well as any of the pound sterling based alternatives.

Boss Media - alas, alack - will not figure amongst them.

EDIT - Obviously a response to the poster, not Bryan, who nipped in while I was typing.

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I've played at at least one casino, for at least two minutes and I've no idea whether I lost or won, in fact I'm not sure which game I even played, it was cards of some sort but these games all look the same to me! Perhaps I should turn my attention to the lottery because I clearly have no right to even play online casinos let alone comment on them. Incidentally I don't see too well so perhaps I really am blind! and that wouldn't help playing online either!

Naturally I would be most honoured if 'kingjohn!!' were to bestow me with his wisely chosen list of casino's as I must be guaranteed to make my fortunes at said places, for he too must have done, elsewise he would most certainly have proclaimed them rigged!!

You certainly jump in feet first, you have not taken on board the contents of my previos post and would have appeared to avoid my offer of providing your own experience of the casino in question - which perhaps says it all.

Do me a favour and resist the temptation to make wild assumptions of others, your attempts to belittle and insult a fellow poster do little to help this forum, which I initially joined only to enquire some help with one particular casino which would not pay my winnings. Since when I have stayed around because I felt I might offer some well-thought, constructive, experienced based views and not anonymous, slanderous, bullying comments.

Thank you
PLEASE don't attack me because I say I love BM casino. LOL

By now, you probably know I am a big fan of BM Software casino. I am not an expert, just a player with 6 months experience. I had very bad session and good one in the past regarding different casino or software.

However, I lost my behind off at almost every MG or RTG casino BJ game. I only made a fortune at Crockfords, SuperVegas, Gold club, Prestige, and (But lost bad at Parahon's because of slot) You can see most of them are Boss Media.

I think it really depends on personal experience and FEELING. I will never play Black Jack at MG or RTG casino because I hardly win anythng. Why do I want to play there since I always loose?

I am not defending any casino or anyone here. It's personal choice. No matter win or loose, it's my choice and decision. So I will still choose BM casino instead of MG, RTG, Playteck...

Have a good one!

P.S. Meister, could you please put a spell check function. I have to edit my post 4 times to correct it. And I can't find my dictionary now. Feel kind of embrass (?) LOL~

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