Casino Club not honoring bonus


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May 2, 2005
Roswell NM
I was just playing Roulette for fun and was told by the intrusive online staff that I could have a 100% bonus on my real money deposit. So I deposited $50, and got a big run-around about getting the bonus.
This is just plain bait and switch.

Are you saying that CS butted in to your fun session and made this offer?

This sounds a bit questionable, especially since it was not honoured. Naturally, with nothing in writing CS can deny this. This seems similar to a scam where CS phone a player up and offer a "special deal" that is outside the norm. When players try to claim the CS deny any such offer had been made.
I am sure there is a technical way to make CS "Butt out" of your fun sessions once we can find out how the software does it. If they are going to misuse this tool for dodgy marketing, they deserve to lose it.
Yes, they did but into my fun session.

Yes Casino Club did butt-in with the offer, and did so again yesterday. I tend to win a lot on the fun roulette and enjoy it for relaxation. Once again, I got offered a bonus while playing, but this time I didn't even chat. I knew it was just a tease without backing.
Thanks for your reply. Appreciated.

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