Casino classic problem


Dormant account
Mar 8, 2005
I deposited 150$ in casino classic,my first deposit in this casino.
I claimed the 100% bonus in web site,but casino classic has given me only 50$ bonus (in bonus account) instead of 150$.I sent 2 email nothing answer.
Someone may hepl me to get the bonus?
thank you

Our official review on Casino Classic here.
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I deposited 50$ in casino classic. I'm play games and win 10$. Next casino closed my account because casino not accepted players from my cauntry.
I'm want withdrawal my deposit but casiono not answer any e-mail (i'm send dozen e-mail). Live help write: "Please contack e-mail:" and instantly finich conversation.
I'm waiting 7 days. I don't not what to do.
(Sory - my English is very poor)...
Not so sure that it's such a bad trend Kavaman. I've done quite well there thus far, and have been paid promptly. I've never heard much about this casino, but so far (at least for me), I'm more than pleased.

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