casino classic being taken over by belle rock

Hi Dozer, I believe it's Capital Casino, not Casino Classic. There is a thread right below this one on this subject. :)
No this one i play every so often and i recieved this e-mail today on this casino that belle rock was taking over to. Must be there taking over a few more then we thought. I will stay away untill we here alittle more on whats going on with these couple of sites on the board.
Belle Rock is taking over a Casino Rewards casino? Do you have the email Dozer? This has piqued my interest.

Yes i do but i do not no how to attach to this board, if you like give me an e-mail and i will forward to you or let me no how to attach on this board from my e-mail.
Dozer, you can send it to me at Before you do, when you hit forward, you should be able to edit out your name and account number if that is included. Please do so, as there is no need for me to have any of your info....I would just like to compare that email to the one I received re: Capital Casino. Thanks very much. :)
i got the email about Capital.

We write to notify you that Carmen Media Group will no longer be supporting

or operating Capital Casino. We are however, delighted to announce that

River Belle Online Casino, the first choice for all online casino games, will be

offering you a continued playing experience on their software.

We are very pleased to inform you that we, at Carmen Media Group have

arranged for River Belle Online Casino to allow you to use your Capital Casino

account, and your balance to be transferred to the River Belle software.

Arrangements have been made to make the transition as simple and secure as

possible and to cause the least inconvenience to you, our valued customer.

River Belle Online Casino will be contacting you soon to provide you with all the

details you will require to access your account balance and account with them.

In addition, River Belle Online Casino will give you all the information you require

regarding the entertainment and services they provide including their exclusive

welcome bonus offer!

Capital Casino may no longer be in operation but we know you will enjoy many

hours of entertainment at River Belle Online Casino.

Best regards,

Capital Casino
I got that one also Paul...but Slotmachine explained that one to me. I am curious however, if Belle Rock is "taking over" a Casino Rewards casino. Especially one that a mere year ago was taken over itself BY Casino Rewards. And with all the casinos in the Casino Rewards group, why just the one? That's why I'd like to see the original email that Dozer said they received. I'm still sorta thinking maybe they just made a mistake in the casino name?
I've asked for comment on these Capital and Classic stories, as we might as well have it direct and accurate.

I can understand the Capital move - putting a casino "on the shelf" as it were but looking after the players elsewhere in the group in the process, but I agree with Pinababy that Classic is intriguing.

Classic was part of the disgraced Integrity group and was taken over by Casino Rewards / ITS Management, which is powered by MGS but quite distinct from BelleRock/Carmen Media.

I suppose one group could buy a casino from another, but let's see what they say.
Thanks Jetset, it really is intriguing...IF it is accurate. The OP has not as yet forwarded the email to me, so I can't say for sure that it was Classic and not Capital.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, you were right my mistake it was capital, I must have read it to fast. Sorry for the mix up on that one.
please keep this subject well posted

hey if anyone finds out this info please do post it i currently have 269.38 that im gambling with at this very moment so i want to make sure i dont lose my money i have never had any problems there. and dont want none. thanks in advance and gamble on.

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