Casino Complaint Casino City Club did not pay me 2900 euros


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Aug 20, 2011
This is a complaint that I find important for all players ...
On August 1 at 21:02:15 I contacted support city club which would have asked if any bonuses, having already played several times at this casino ...
They told me they would have a 100% bonus ... I ended up making a deposit of 50 euros ...
In other words, I began to play with 100 euros, the same night won 1100 euros ... was almost certain that had managed to make the bets coming in the terms and conditions ... why did withdraw ...
The next day I received an email which said he had to place bets worth nearly 2800 euros ... I was not to notice and then called me to talk to me in Portuguese ... the official who did not disclose the name for a while told me that they would once again put the money to the casino I play ... saying also that it would always complete the bet to the value of 2800 euros ...
I started playing again and I was lucky and managed to reach the Euro 2900 ... Was absolutely sure it is not the first time I won in casinos ... and therefore there was no doubt that this time could withdraw the ...
But still prefer to contact support ... I spoke with another employee ... which I said that to achieve what would have to withdraw deposit at least EUR 20 ... I did not understand why but still made the deposit .... had some doubts because they had taken at least 4 times the bonus they gave me "or gave me 50 euros and remove almost 200 euros ... But I also appeared in supporting another employee who had spoken to me in Portuguese and I apologized and said that the boy was new and did not need to make that deposit ... he confirmed that I had desired by the casino gambling ...
That same day I send my documents they needed rest and I was ... not least because two employees had given the ok.
6 days later I receive a phone call in Italian ... to say that I had played in games of roulette and progressive, although not speak Italian understood perfectly what she was telling me and said in Portuguese that had never played these games ...
She said she would send me an email which never received ...
After I sent several e-mails often without obtaining specific feedback that I only said it had not complied with the terms and conditions ...
Each one said a thing ... 24 hours later I returned to the support and finally came to another conclusion that the problem was not the games 'progressive games and roulette' but betting ...
That is because the conversation changed as they knew perfectly well that never played those games were seeking the history of betting ...
After several conversations and I were saying that playing with my money ... decided to adopt the 9 day 1050 euros, of which I had won 2900 euros ... I was told that the rest of 1850 euros or the casino would keep the money ...
I did not think it normal to not think this day has not yet appeared in the bank the money "Euro 1050" ... but I'll wait because I know it can sometimes take a few more days ... anyway this is not fair ...
I've played in many casinos in which I lost but I won and I was very pleased because in all casinos take me off the bonus money they ask me the document and nothing more ... has happened and I did not realize the stakes and the money back to the casino I play ... no casino never got my money ...
I'm really disappointed and leverei this until the end ...
I start by asking you and also helps to know your opinion ... because I think it unfair ... even today I have earned 1500 euros another casino without any problem ... I have no doubt that they just want money from customers ...
I am sure you stick to the terms and conditions for more than never intended for less ...
I would add ... I do not know if they record the calls and conversations in support ... I even recorded as one of the support conversations ...
And if they write ... for me until one is lucky because all I'm saying is true ...
Thank you very much
Aline Vasconcelos


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Jul 27, 2007
Okay, let me see if I have deciphered this correctly...
You played at City Casino, used a 100% match bonus with a 28X wagering requirement.
You thought you had met WR, tried to make a withdrawal, but hadn't finished the WR so the casino put the funds back into your account to allow you to finish the playthrough.

You contacted support to make sure you had made WR when CS told you , you now had to make a Euro20 deposit? Then they removed 4 times the match bonus from your account.

Then you receive an email telling you the CS was wrong, you can't withdraw now because you have broken the T&Cs because you played progressive slots and roulette?

Then you receive a different email stating it wasn't because you played roulette and progressive slots, but because you were "advantage(?)" betting?

Now they are saying they are keeping Euro 1850 because it is bonus money and you only get Euro 1050?


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Aug 20, 2011
Yes that's right ... Bets are only 20 x. .. only that they did not pay me and not going to pay because they say the 1850 is in the terms and conditions as may withdraw whenever they want ... I fail to understand is already won in so many casinos and never happened to me and of course they only paid what was the minimum was 50 euros which is what I have put 20 x ... Finally I will not ever understand because it is messing with the customers ...


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Jul 27, 2007
I've never heard of this casino before. You can PM maxd (his name appears in blue, he is one of the moderators here) and ask his advice on what to do next.


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Jan 20, 2004
@Aline72: Hello, Max Drayman writing, I'm the Player Complaints (Pitch-A-Bitch) Manager at

If you want to file a formal complaint here at Casinomeister check out our Pitch-A-Bitch (aka 'PAB') service.

In a nutshell you file your Pitch-A-Bitch by completing the PAB form, I receive that, pre-screen it and then submit it to the casino people. The idea is that we're seeking a resolution to your complaint or a good reason why it cannot be resolved satisfactorily. The service is free of charge and is available to all Casinomeister members in good standing.

If you decide you do want to use the Pitch-A-Bitch service you are STRONGLY advised to read the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ in full.

Why? Because you have responsibilities in the PAB process too, both in preparing your PAB and while the PAB is underway. A successful PAB process depends on you and your cooperation with our procedures. At the top of the list of your responsibilities (assuming you do PAB) is to stop posting about your issue on the forums while I work on the PAB for you: see the FAQ for details, but the bottom line is that forum posts usually kill any PAB you have, or want to, submit.

You can see more about past PABs on our PAB Archives page.

Max Drayman, Pitch-A-Bitch Manager


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Feb 16, 2006
Sorry guys but you must know that this Casino group with their brands City Club Casino, Crown Europe and City Tower Casino are one of the worst casino groups on the online-gaming market.

What Aline72 reported is typical for this group and it gives much players that must experiences the same.

If you play with a bonus and are lucky enough to win a larger sum and like to make a cashout, then they email you that you have received an email before stated that you can only withdraw 20 times of your deposit + 1 times your deposit (20x€50+1x50=1050) the rest will going ????

I tried to help players in the past and was in contact with a representive but the responsible guys in the background are not willing to change anything.

What they have changed in the past was their terms if anyone reported public in regarding their terms.

Sorry again but this group has a bad casino practice i experienced several times, you can believe.

They let run their players into a open knife.

Since March 2010 they are on our blacklist


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Sep 26, 2004
TLDR, eyes started bleeding.

Aline try hitting the enter button twice after some full stops and making paragraphs ;).

Yep that's good advice. Posters, especially newbies whose first language isnt English, should try to ask someone to help write their posts. Otherwise, members become disinterested and will be less likely to offer help and advice. Spare a thought for the mods too. Poor old Max.