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Aug 13, 2004
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The path to doing the right thing about marking casinos as rogues is proving to be a complicated one :eek: , although one that I view as extremely important and one that deserves the care and attention required to get it right. :)

For me, that means taking the time to listen and investigate when a casino says the actions we have taken are unfair. It also means being open, and disclosing what we are doing. Whenever I say I will do something, I do it, or I come back and explain why not. That's the way I am, and that is the reason for this post.

So, here is what I have to say: Two different representatives of Windows Casino have approached me and stated that Windows Casino used to have different owners, and that the prior owners had a different view about how to run the business than they do. I have agreed with them that I will investigate what they have said, and form an opinion of Windows Casino that is based on my own investigation, and the current rather than the past situation. I also made a decision that while I perform this review Windows Casino will not be marked with a skull and crossbones.

The people who approached me were clearly upset at our actions, but they were able to remain very professional and polite in their interactions with me. Nothing they said was rude or inappropriate. Thus I feel my response was the appropriate one. I will investigate the matter thoroughly, and will ultimately resolve it in a way that I feel makes sense given the facts as I understand them. If anyone has comments they feel would be helpful to me in this endeavor - and that relate to activities of the current and not the past owner, I will welcome them as private messages sent to me.

Thank you.
Casino City, I think the best way is for your investigation to be as transparent as possible to obviate any suspicion by the player community of cover-up or back-off. You will have already seen how fast judgements can be made. If that is suspected both your company and your personal credibility will suffer, but you of course know that.

Please bear in mind that Tony Friedman et al at Windows are cunning folks who have manouevred out of difficult situations many times before using a variety of tactics. Many of us still remember their antics with the OCMA for one.

This could be another such instance, and even if in confidence if they are pulling the old "ownership change" stunt you need to be given their identities and not depend merely on domain checking. RTG are unlikely to prove helpful either - they will produce the business confidentiality argument, no doubt.

Having said that, you would not have developed CC into a successful organisation by being naive or inexperienced yourself so I would urge that you examine any claims these guys make in minute and thorough detail.

And I would like to endorse your call for players to cooperate with you in getting to the truth here.
casino city, since your portol is just a gambling directory, list all the casinos, just place a warning sign. like before you plat at any casino search the history and forums.

no matter what some player that been around will give them a try. I seen time after time. Just place a warning and that will cut all your work out.

Most players know to research the forums. but you should not showcase a crooked casino, which i mean if you know it a crook dont have banners flashing on your home page
QUOTE: casino city, since your portol is just a gambling directory, list all the casinos, just place a warning sign. like before you plat at any casino search the history and forums.UNQUOTE

I like this idea, which could speed things up, although where possible I think it would be better to link the Danger or Question? mark to some actual threads to save the newbie the hassle of searching.
Welcome to the World of Watching the Bad Guys Mr Corfman.

When dealing with the rogues, you are dealing with criminals pretty much. Good criminals will drink tea with you in your house while casing the joint, rob you while you are out and return tomorrow to drink more tea with you, they will also tell you how sorry they are that you lost your chattels.

Windows have no sort of reputation, swapped owners and never mentioned it on the boards. Now they come to you?

I cannot accuse them of lieing in this instance and may well have swapped owners, so not all of the above need apply to them.

So :: You do what you gotta do but as you know, for better or worst, for what it is worth, there are some watching that don't mind speaking up for or agin.

Look forward to your conclusion and indeed concur exactly with Jetset on the private Message thing.
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Excellent search, Bryan - this is the sort of expose that should be linked to every single one of the *Questionable* operations in every directory around (in an ideal world!) It certainly brought back some not-so-fond memories.

And don't forget the ADLM - Goldman connections, either.
Windows Casino suggested a bit ago that they and I meet and have a discussion at the G2E conference in Las Vegas (it is a couple weeks from now - the first week of October) and that is my plan. Also, prior to our meeting, as an initial gesture of some level of good faith until then, they did put up a disclaimer one place on their site between now and when we have a more thorough discussion. (From their home page click on Fair Play, and from there click on About Us).

Attention:Windows Casino is approved, listed, endorsed or linked by several sites, which appear to be watchdog organizations, award sites or authorities on online gaming. Even though we appreciate their trust, we can not authorize or endorse the legitimacy of these entities. We advise you to make your own judgement regarding these organizations.

This might be a baby step, but it is a baby step in the right direction. As stated in Bryan's revised Rogue section, deceptive advertising is a major area of complaint for Windows Casino, so my discussion with them at G2E will certainly have a strong focus on that area in addition to others.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that there is some activity - its just taking longer than I had expected. Most of the taking longer is actually my fault in that I have a lot of projects we are working on that need to be completed before the G2E show, so I've just been being pulled in too many different directions at once this month.

On a related matter, I want to let everyone know that for the next couple weeks or so I plan to temporarily remove all of the skulls and crossbones from Link Removed (invalid URL). We are going through a major survey of all of the online gaming sites, and want to get information back from all of the online gaming sites. It is a bit difficult to survey sites and get updates back at the same time that a site listing has a skull and crossbones on it. Once the surveying is done we will put them back up. Actually, we are looking at various ways to expand what we are doing, but our plans are currently not finalized on that front, so it is premature to make any specific announcements.
Old thread I know but I noticed Windows Casino is now ranked 20th out of 1080 online casinos over at Online Casino City. :eek:

Link Removed (invalid URL)

Had to literally lol when I saw that :lolup: :lolup:
Windows ranked 27, and Crystal Palace ranked 9. Yes, you read correctly. Crystal Palace ranked 9. Cloud of Rated Player and Extreme, number 9 online casino. And this site comes top of all the search engines.

Sod the players, like they count.

Keep it up, Casino City. But check out the word "accountability" in a dictionary some time.


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