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From clerical at Casino Circuit: re RHarris Sun. Feb 14th

Apologize for not answering email sooner, apparently the mail server was eating e-mail.

Mr. Harris does in fact have an account at Casino Circuit. He played 180 games of keno, all on Feb 6th. At one time he was up 134% compared to his initial deposit. Mr. Harris, in fact, won more times than he lost, however over the long haul, his consistent small winning sums were not as much as his gaming bets, consequently his account is down 41% from his initial deposit at this time, Feb. 24th 1999.
I could post the entire distribution of winnings to loses here but this is private to RHarris. Suffice to say, that RHarris bet the same amount consistently every time, and that on two occasions he won 15 times as much as he bet, 4 times he won 3 times as much and there were over 23 times when he won twice as much as he bet. There were an even larger number of "same wins as bets" and an even larger number of losses or wins that were not as much as the initial bet.

The nature of games like keno and roulette is that you can win something on almost every game played, but unless you get a little lucky or simply stop playing while you're ahead (which RHarris did not do), your end of session monies can be a little less than your start. And this is precisely why he was able to play 180 games and yet lose only the equivalent of lunch for 3 at McDonalds.

As for the disconnections, while these are not controllable by the casino management due to vagaries of tcp/ip, there is a reconnection mechanism that forces a player to play the last game that was in process at the time of disconnection. At the moment, RHarris has one outstanding game (the last one he played...) and easily more than half of his initial deposit left.

We will stay in tune with this forum and are pleased to answer any questions that might arise concerning this software.

Check out the new CasinoCircuit being released February 25th, 1999... It plays more smoothly, has a smaller download footprint and has a few more games.
Update to Casino Circuits... Its seems they found my 100 emails I have been sending them.. it seems THIS site is getting their attention.. Anyway, they credit my account everything that was due. I played out those credits. They have really good software, since my favorite game is Keno, I played a lot of that. I receive a lot of play for my money. Thank you Casion Circuits for responding to my requests.. and GO CASINOMEISTER... you are the KING....
It seems I missed Casino Circuits response, let me respond back...

Does CC's response answer my issue??

1. Was the money missing and/or unavailable to me? Answer: Yes, for about 2-3 weeks.

2. Were my emails answered in a timely matter.
Answer: No. Not until they saw this site.

3. Did CC credit my account the money that was "LOST" in their system. Answer: YES. After they saw this site.

So if there was no problem or issue, why did I get a credit back into my account for the money that was lost 3 weeks ago?

Hmm.. sounds like someone is trying to cover their A$$. If CC is unwilling to admit their mistakes and somehow blame me for their technical ignorance.

If anyone would like to see the emails that CC sent me, with thier excuses that they did not know how to credit accounts, and that they NEVER received my emails, and they are sorry for the error in my account, I have copies.

In response to their numbers of all my GREAT and UNBELIEVEABLE WINNINGS here are the facts:

Heres the numbers they speak of:

15X I won what I bet 25 Cents
4x I won 3 times my bet 75 cents
23x I won twice my bet, 50 Cents

Not what I call a Super Winning Streak.. Yea I could have stopped with my 5 dollar winnings.. and left a winner... how fun is that???

I suggest to CC, if you want to keep your customers, treat them a little better. You made a mistake, I forgive you, but don't come on here this site with misleading and confusing information, and try to make it my fault.

We have seen enough online casinos try to wiggle their way out of problems here. You will get no simpathy here...

Here are some tips:

Keep your games fair. I believe you have the best Keno on the net.

Treat your customers with some respect, and you will get it in return.

Watch this site of problems and issues, there is too much competition out there for you to upset anyone, because we "The Casionmeister's Gang" will post it and let EVERYONE know.

Finally to Casino Circuits, I like your games, I believe your Keno is the best on the net. I will still play at your casino, even after that lashing you gave me above. So you must be doing something right. As to everyone that reads this, the first time you have any problems with CC or any other casino, post it here ASAP so others can learn.
I wish to clarify that I was playing with dollars not quarters... in all fairness to CC. They still have the best Keno on line, and I have played them all..

Thanks again to CC for fixing my account.
Please remove my negative comments concerning Casino Circuits.. They have correct any problems that I had with my account.

Please ignore my negative comments.

Thank You...

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