Casino broked RTS standarts


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Feb 13, 2017
Hello all

6 month ago i detected that online casino pays much less bonus payouts on real game mode than on fun mode. Ive asked casino about that, they answer was " We checked everything and everything is ok"
BUT it was just lieing and cheating from them.
Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS), RTS requirement 6A states:

“Play-for-free games must implement the same game rules as the corresponding play-for-money games offered on the same facilities (ie the same website). Operators must take all reasonable steps to ensure that play-for-free games accurately represent the likelihood of winning and prize distribution in the play-for-money game. For the purpose of this requirement playing a game includes participating in a lottery and/or betting on a virtual event.”

Ecogra agreeded with my evidences and after ecogra contacted this casino i received the answer, that there was some problems and payouts really were different ×10 times.

How do you think, can casino cheat and lieing player 6 month and get no any punishment?