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Mar 15, 2004
in the heart of europe
I deposited 200$ at this casino recieved the 200$ bonus and played JoB at 5$ a bet. I lost it all within 130 hands! (thats a loss of 400$ in 650$ of wagering!!!) I didnt hit ONE straight or better; all I got from 130 bets were some JoBs, 2pairs and 3of a kinds.

To me this is more than suspicious- could someone calculate the probability of that event?


Assuming full pay JoB with optimal strategy, the probability of a straight or better is 0.03625. The probability of not hitting a straight or better in 130 is (1-0.03625)^130=0.08226, or about 1 in 120, which could be just bad luck. Straights or better contribute about 30% of your expected return, so this does not explain all your loss. Can you count how many 3 OAK, 2 pairs and JoB you got? I could run a chi square test to get a better idea about the deviation from the expected frequencies.
thank you very much for your help. Ive just sent an email to the casino requesting my game history (the software doesnt state any)

Who else has played there or at other casinos using the same software? What were your results?
Well, I'll tell you my results. My results are that this casino is definitely cheating. This is easily demonstrable even on the play money games. Here's a letter I sent to The Wizard of Odds. He has yet to respond, but I only sent it yesterday. It contains hard proof and you can do the test yourself.

me said:
Hi, last month I contacted you about a test I was running on
Intercasino. After compiling thousands of hands from various people,
all my tests all turned up negative. Although I have not run many
kinds of tests, I'm convinced Intercasino is dealing a fair game.

But I know who isn't.

I've been meaning to play at Casino Broceliande
(Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) ) to take their bonus.
The results of this test are so horribly bad that I will no longer
even consider this.

I was reading a list of complaints compiled by one person, and one of
the things he said was that, in blackjack, you never get to double
unless you have 11 against a 10. I was curious as to what this meant
and I decided to try their play money game. This quickly became
apparent: you CAN double, you're just not going to because you're not
going to be dealt the cards you need for it. It seemed that the dealer
always got a 10 when my total was 11 or less. So I took out pencil and
paper and recorded the dealer's card whenever I had a total of 11 or
less, ignoring all other hands. My sample size is tiny, but wait until
you see the results. Here it comes...

The result (dealer card on the left, number of times it came up on the right):
2: 0
3: 0
4: 0
5: 0
6: 0
7: 0
8: 0
9: 4
10: 7
J: 4
Q: 5
K: 0
A: 0

Talk about a smoking gun! Might I add that the four times the dealer
showed a nine in this situation, my total was 6 or less? If it were
7-11, it was ALWAYS a ten. If it was less than 7, ALWAYS a 9. Oh, and
before I started recording, dealer had 10 in these situations some
fifteen or so times more, too.

I put the table above through the old chi-square test and it told me
the probability of the results being this skewed were one in a half
million (chi-square number of 48.9, 12 degrees of freedom). So though
my sample size is tiny, that's all the evidence I need.

You can try it yourself on the play money game. Just click "Mode Demo"
on the page, then "blackjack", then "demo". Man, I'm glad I didn't put
money into these guys -- I nearly did!! Having even used this software
makes me want to wash my hands.

- Kef

Don't anybody even think about playing here, ever.
Aero,Monte,Broc,and Yachting all the same, definetley not random, play their slots and you will see for yourself, I kept logs on these places but lost my hardrive and did not back it up.
Stay away from these guys. They ripped off Microgaming's graphics for their slot machines. Not a good sign.
The play money blackjack game has been corrected. I think it matches the real money game now (which turned out to always have been normal, it seems), although I noticed a "surrender" option that was added that was not there before. I don't know if it was added to the real money game because I ended up busting out (due to aggressive betting on my part, not unfair play).

I have not checked out the video poker yet. You're not the only one to have said that the video poker plays more like slots.

- Kef
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