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Dec 7, 2004
Hi everyone!

Friend of mine asked me about bonuses but since I never use them, and knowing there are some bonus fans in this forum, I'll ask here.

I'm wondering how much of a good deal it is when the casino offers 32% for instance ;) and you have to bet 25X your deposit + bonus at an avg bet size of 5% of your deposit. So if I were to make a deposit of $1000, I would get a $320 bonus but I'd have to wager for $33,000 at an avg bet of $50 before cashing in. How is that a good deal when I play 1K and cash in whenever I'm up $100-$200? Odds don't seem too good to me...

Max, they're a good casino but avoid that sign-up bonus! It does have a decent expected profit (around $200), but betting $50 hands gives you a huge chance of losing all or a large amount of your deposit - it becomes something like:

Deposit 20, bonus 6.4, wr 660 - would you be confident of not losing 27 units in 660 hands?
Hey Vesuvio :)

That was my thought. I try to have a 40X bankroll at all times (although I'm often cheating myself) so I thought such a bonus, or I would assume all bonuses, are not really worth it. With such odds (wager vs bankroll), my playing session could be quite short. :(


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