Casino Blasters and Utility Bill


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May 13, 2005
Oklahoma City
Casino Blasters (Golden Palace group) require a utility bill to cash out. That's not a big deal, except I found that they require that it have MY name on it.

I don't get utility bills. I don't pay the bills here. Don't you think they would at least consider the slightest possibility that somebody might want to play there who doesn't have to pay bills? I don't have a cell phone or anything, my parents handle the electricity and other utilities. What should I do?

- Kef
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I don't get utility bills either, but I think it was ok sending a bank statement with the correct address on (blank out any numbers you don't want them to see).

Probably the least of your problems with them at the moment, though...
Wow, you're smart. Not only do you outline your technique, you also say exactly how much you made. If ssomeone from GP is reading this, it should be trivially easy for GP group to figure out who you are, and deny you any payments, since you pretty much admit to just "raiding" them.
Who says I was just raiding them? Perhaps I just want to eat my cake and have it too ;)

(I say the expression the other way around because it's more clear.)
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