Casino asking for bank wire information (for verification) - despite not needing it for payment processing? (Superior Casino)


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Sep 21, 2013
currently in US
So Superior Casino - a USA facing casino with rival software - has a "faxback" form they require all players to complete in order to withdraw. This form asks for all your standard personal info, to sign your name that you agree to their terms, and all of your banking information including account number and wire information with the word "(Mandatory)" next to it.

They require all players to complete this form, and to provide all your banking details (I asked), regardless of what deposit or withdrawal methods you intend to use. Players may be using payment processing options or even bitcoin that don't require the casino to have this info - but they demand it anyway.

Do people here think this is a reasonable request? It seems like a security risk to be giving out this information unnecessarily - isn't your banking information along with all your personal information enough for someone to initiate an ACH/EFT payment from your account, or am I mistaken? But again, this is an unregulated USA facing casino so your only real recourse is to not play there to begin with. I don't think I could get them to budge through either email or live chat, since half the time they just reply with a standard script anyway, so most likely I'll end up just giving in and supplying the info.

Worse still in my case, my account was already completely verified a year and a half ago, and additionally I did another phone verification maybe 3 months ago, but apparently they will "unverify" you and make you go through this process again to fill out this form that wasn't there before when you finally try to withdraw - and while they're at it they just make you repeat the whole process.

So a casino asking for unnecessary bank account information to verify players - reasonable or not? I can't really think of an alternative than giving away more personal info than I would like, as I don't see much choice if I want to actually receive my payout.