Casino Amor is Corrupt



Casino Amor is a dishonest casino. I have proof. Not only are they paying me only in words, it has taken a long time-2 months or so, even to get words. I received an email saying that some of my winnings (134.00) were returned to my account and 200 dollars was approved for being paid-3 weeks ago, and was supposed to be paypaled to me 4-7 business days of this approval. The 134 returned to my account is allegedly the amount of the bonuses I got which they say I cannot withdraw even after betting it over well over 20 times. The lady returning it said I could bet this money again and I had "1" more chance to win money off it according to terms. I tried to find it but it was sent to a sportsbook account (I have never opened one) and tranferred away. I managed to contact customer service and a liar told me that that is what they do with the bonuses after one withdraws winnings ove bonus amounts-tough luck.

Real lousy phone support-call them and they tell you to email, email and you get one out of 5 emails repsonded to-usually after 2 weeks or so. As of today, paypal is still used for casinos for 2 more days so don't think that's why I haven't been paid. I'll amend if I ever get paid, but even then I will have still been ripped off.
I don't know much about this casino (software etc) but from the above it would appear that you have a legitimate beef, and that you have been unsuccessful in escalating it within the casino.

I would therefore seriously consider lodging a complaint with one of the genuine watchdog sites like Bryan here or OPA.
"Our casino has undergone some changes recently, as we are sure you have noticed. The graphics have changed, the face lift is brand new, but underneath it all we still have the same incredible customer serivice, fast payouts, and of course our terrific bonus offers."

Yeah, right!

This looks like RTG software, and there are references that might indicate Virtual Casino? If so, you have trouble, brother!
Casino Amor is indeed a Virtual Casino. For those still unfamiliar with all the rules of the various Virtual Casino rules: You need to find as many of the Virtual Casino affiliates as possible, visit their websites, and read the rules. The rules can be confusing and it is easy to miss some of the rules if you dont read them very carefully. Also, they tell you that you're responsible for following all the rules of Virtual Casino, even if a particular affiliate doesn't state every rule of Virtual Casino on its site. You are told up-front you're responsible for finding and following every rule, and if you aren't sure, you're responsible for contacting them about rules.
I'm not saying you're wrong to be angry. It's just another one of those situations where they DO actually state the rules, as awful and impossible as those rules are. If you're going to choose to deposit and/or play at any of these casinos, it's vital for you to read every single rule on as many websites as you can find, and be sure to follow every rule to the letter.
From what you've said, they've followed the rules of Virtual Casino, regardless of what you and I and others may believe about the fairness of those rules. As the online gambling industry changes, it's becoming more important than ever to read every single word on a website and make sure you understand it all before depositing your money, even though that is boring for many.
Did someone rattle some cages? I got paid 200 dollars not too long after going online to gripe!!!
I withdraw my comment of Casino Amor being corrupt, however they are still slow in paying and confusing in terms. As for the $134.00 that was removed from my account ("the non-cashable amout I received in bonuses"), I don't remember of receiving that much in bonuses-maby 70 dollars. But I'm not going to squabble over change any more-just happy to get the 200.

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