Casino AIDING In My Quitting Gambling


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Jun 28, 2013
I have been playing online casinos since the 90's and it has been an up and down roller coaster for all these years. My favorites to play at was Microgaming casinos, they always seemed to have a good balance of wins and losses, but being in the US, we no longer have that platform as an option.

So here I was, stuck with my least favorite options of casino platforms. Now I knew better than to deposit at any Topgame casinos, but did play a free chip at one and actually won just over 1K, they assured me throughout the session that what I won would be mine. They did pay me and then immediately closed all my accounts, LOL, not that I cared, they did me a favor, as I was tempted to deposit because I do like a couple of the slots.
So there I was, left with RTG and Bet on Soft? I think that's what it is. With Bet on Soft or Bet Soft, I always have this feeling of them being a no win or hardly win platform, so I rarely would deposit with them, maybe $20, just to see how it would go and it never goes anywhere, so I don't take them seriously.

RTG is the platform I was left with to take seriously and spend my money with. This is the platform that has finally drove it into my head that I need to quit. As I said, I have been with this accredited RTG casino since the 90's and as with any other, it is up and down, usually more down than up. Lately I have noticed at the top of some of the screens you can see a rather large number attached to my account name that increases with every spin.

My thought is that it's calculating my history of all play and will pay out according to that, I could be wrong, but this is my perception of this revealed number calculation. Does it pay according to how many thousands of spins you have made, hmm, I wonder about it.
Last summer I finally won a random jackpot of just over 10K and was shocked beyond belief.
Let me tell you, winning a random only increases the drive in ones mind to pursue yet another one. I have read where some people have won more than one and thought, well I could do that as well, with given time.

Recently I had been playing for the minor random, won't say where, but the random never increases or pays out while I have been playing it. If I leave the game and then go back in, only then it shows an increase, so I continue playing and again, it is frozen.

I have inquired about this and am always told it's my computer, the randoms are functioning as they should. Now I have a brand new Toshiba satellite lap top, 64 bit and am running Firefox, so I don't see where it's my computer that is malfunctioning.

I can go to other games and some show the randoms increasing right along and some don't, if I play the the ones that don't in fun mode, they all increase as they should. So I just don't get it, why it would be a problem with my computer. But no matter.

I again inquired as to why this is happening and why there are no wins during the free spins, on Loch Ness, which has the high minor random, I would get the consolation prize 99% of the time and when I didn't, it was because my win was just over the amount I bet. I was told the old standby, you are just having a run of bad luck, you can't expect to win all the time and so on. Well honestly, I don't expect to win all the time, I have learned that over all these years, but after the random win, it has been more than just a bad run and I keep thinking about how the little spin counter in the top of the page may be the cause of the "bad run".

So for several weeks of trying for that minor random and seeing it only increase by a few dollars over the weeks, I have given up. This slot has cured me from depositing for good.

I had quit and asked them to close my account, which they did, then a week or so later I get an email saying I had a $50 Mangers bonus in my account, so I asked to have the account re opened so I could play it, they did. Yet again, I have found the same things, my money going out the window and the randoms acting the same way of not moving on certain slots, as the above mentioned.

With all that and being told I have spent $14,000 and won $16,000, so I am $3,000 over the casino, so how could I think I was throwing my money away? Well if not for the random, I would certainly not be in the good by $3 and I am appalled that over the years I have spent $14,000, just on this one casino site! This was the wake up call for me, $14,000 spent on online gambling, no telling how much I have thrown away, if all casino deposits were calculated together, it's shameful to think about it, but I have been forced to, just by this one site reminding me of how much I have spent and won and how could I possibly think that I am throwing my money away, when I am $3000 to the good. Well because I now keep thinking, had I not been playing at all, I would know for a fact that I would be $14,000 to the good, just from this one casino alone.

So if you want to have a reality check, ask how much you have spent in total, if this doesn't smack one in the face, I don't think anything could. Sorry for the long winded babbling, had to get it off my chest.

Okay, I'm done......

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