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Apr 10, 2005
Hey guys im a low scale affiliate of some sites like lounge group and stars* group.

Have you guys ever expierenced loss of players? Players you know have signed up through your site/link but then when you dont see them in your stats, you ask their affiliate department why and they tell ya they didnt join under your link.

Just getting to the point I cant even be bothered argueing with them any more.

Anyone else have this problem?
It's a common problem.

Many of us periodically conduct "tests" where we sign under each other's accounts and check if all activity is reported.

If the reporting is off, and you know for sure that the player you are missing has signed up new under you and never played there before (this is a common error, people forget where all they have played before) then you are being stolen from and should either confront or drop the program.
It was a friend of mine new to online casinos.

He has never joined any of them.

He joined planetluck/starluck both didnt count him, and vegas lounge either.

He clicked all the links through my site and those links are definatly working :(

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