WARNING Casino Adrenaline accepting bets that will never pay


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Jan 20, 2004
A case came to us a while back where a player from Azerbaijan was allowed to deposit, receive a bonus, play, and win 6000€ but when it came time to pay up the casino said "sorry, your country is not permitted". The casino's site does restrict various other countries in the area but they say nothing about restrictions against Azerbaijan. Not then and not now.

Although this particular player did get their deposit returned we strongly suspect that this was due to the player vigorously pressing their complaint here and elsewhere (eg
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). The fact is that most players would either not press their case or would simply lose while the casino happily pockets the money: taking bets from players who cannot win is 100% rogue behaviour.

Casino Adrenaline (casinoadrenaline.com) is one of the Danguad group who recently featured in a group-wide Warning of their own.

WARNING: Casino Adrenaline is accepting bets from players then later denying payment based on arbitrary (and unmentioned) country restrictions. Players are STRONGLY advised to look elsewhere for their casino entertainment.
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