Casino Actions big 10K giveaway!!!


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May 25, 2005
Houston TX
I spoke with live support and they claim the winner will be on the message of the day in the next 4-8 hours. Anyone want to make some bets or calls on this
ive deposited very little there, its gonna be me :p

haha not, it will be someone who wins everything, there not gonna give 10 k to someone who deposits 50 dollars no matter how random it is
lol...yeah i agree i have made a lot of deposits with this group of casinos but does not matter its not gonna be someone who depoists just a little or even more than a little, it will be someone who feeds that but still anxious to see who the winner is, and if its me i will eat my

PLAY HERE. :notworthy

MUCH... I GUESS.:notworthy
Ok, its been 8 hours now, and still no word. My guess is they will never post the winner, just like many of their other so called draws.

BTW, support has made it clear in the past that the going rate for giving bonuses to players is 25%-30% of their total deposits.....and this includes "random" wheel of cash spins, the old wednesday/saturday nite draws, etc. There is just no such thing as a "random" prize or bonus at the Casino Action group....its all dependent on how much you deposit.

So, do the math, and you will see what you probably have to deposit in order to win this prize.

They changed the terms of this midway thru, to a "lucky" draw instead of a "who deposits the most" draw........but rest assured, its probaby going to end up being a case of the latter....if indeed the prize is awarded.
10k giveaway

Speaking of that "random wheel of cash" random my a$$ they claim it runs every 20min.....ok how is it that i have played and and i keep logging into my account to see if one is there. 2 days later i find one in there after i have sent a mail to vip services, but yet i am told they can't prompt a wheel into someone account??
Well I see the winner for this has finally been posted.

Deborah S. from the USA.....

She is having a quite a run with that 10K. Just checked the recent winners on Casino Action....she has had 12 big wins in the past 24 hours totalling over $70,000.

Wonder if she belongs to this forum? like to see some of those screenshots.
not even shocked

that Deborah s. has been winning all month, not just the last 24 hours.
So i guess in the end the winner had to be who made the most deposits cause with the wins i have seen posted for her this last month she sure as hell did not need that
Kinda makes you wonder. In writing, they changed the terms of the contest to being a random draw.....but im sure they kept it the same.....the one who deposits the most. They simply changed the terms to make themselves look better.

Oh, and back to the wheel of cash thing.....

Every 20 minutes?? Now thats laughable. And they say they cant prompt wheel of cash spins into your account?......but they can prompt any sort of bonuses they want into your account:rolleyes:
Casino Action

It was NOT me:mad: :mad:

Had they kept the original format I had a strategy worked out that should have put me in with an excellent chance. I gave up once they began to mess with the promo, not keep us informed, CS giving out wrong info. All Slots and All Jackpots got the funds earmarked for the 10K, and I did rather well with it too!

VIP Services CAN initiate a Wheel of Cash, although normal CS cannot (I have this in writing via E-mail).
the 25% to 30% target clearly includes "random" bonuses. I have discovered that when the target wanders above percentage the "random" Wheel of Cash seems to dry up, pretty strange for something that is random. There also seems to be something about losing heavily that gets the Wheel of Cash all excited. After that notable pat Royal at Phoenician netted 16K, I did not see a SINGLE Wheel of Cash for around 2 MONTHS, I played at Aztec Riches, where I was down a fair bit, - so how many Wheels did I get?


NO EIGHT!!!!!!!!!! (The maximum permitted per day).

So one month plus of play = NONE at Phoenician,
A few hours play at Aztec = EIGHT,

Well - random it is not; and it makes me wonder what else described as random is determined by management decision rather than true chance.
An interesting experiment - deposit 1K, play Double Magic at 1c per spin and maximum delay for a whole year - how many Wheels of Cash will be given from the "random" draw every 20 minutes of players online and playing in the preceeding 20 mins/ half hour as given in the terms of how it operates. A round figure I expect:D
If the wheel were truly random, and I received 8 in a day's play by chance (on more than one occasion), this would be a bonus abusers heaven sent opportunity (given 2 computers).

Even with the lucky draw model, the likelihood of winning with large deposits is still greater as such players will have a larger percentage of the total number of tickets in the draw. I think the only thing that is random at Casino Action is the casino software (and I am not always certain of this at times).

Casino Action - you have been rumbled, do the right thing and admit it!
Casino Action

Well said Vinylweatherman!!! I to have an email that says Vip services can prompt a wheel, and also have been told the same thing if your bonus % is over that 25-30% range no random bonus for you lol. But wait it's a "random" bonus??????

And oh yes the wheel loves you if you are loosing....lets see about a year ago or so i hit it for $500 twice in a 24 hour period....loosing of course. But once when i had $5k cashed in already and another 5k in my account and i was playing like non stop!!! like 2 days (i was winning) that wheel was no were to be found.

So I think they need to loose the "random" in the "random wheel of cash. And how is it that if it runs every 20 min, you can log into your account 2 days later and find it there??? now mind you i had been logging into my account over those 2 days and it was not there.

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