Casino Action offering private international bank accounts for VIPs


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Feb 18, 2005
Just got this email. This may be one of the most effective funding solutions I've seen yet. It also indicates that this group is serious about sticking with US players.

Dear Player,

As a valued player at Casino Action we would like to introduce you to a special VIP solution in assisting you to deal with online gaming merchants like ourselves. In assiciation with Wirecard Bank AG based in Germany we would like to offer you the opportunity to establish an private international bank account to improve your banking capability. This is being offered free of charge to our very best VIP players across our group and as such is not a publicly available purchasing option.

The account will be issued without any pay in or payout limit. Never the less the attached MasterCard will have certain limits for ATM usage and some security limits for Point of Sale transactions.

About Wirecard Bank

Wirecard is a member of the German Deposit Protection Scheme, where your account is protected up to Euro 1.5 million by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.
Data is protected according the data protection policies of the German Government, including prohibition of propagation to third parties and the security of data processing systems.
Wirecard is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security-Standard, a standard defined by Visa and MasterCard to ensure the safe handling of card and account data.
Risk free: Wirecard is a product of Wirecard Bank AG. Every account is protected up to Euro 1.5 million by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.
No limits on Account: Make deposits from around the world to your account by a variety of payment services.
Wirecard makes you a MasterCard holder. Using your virtual MasterCard you can make purchases at millions of Internet sites and many mail order shops.
Discover a new way of online banking: send and receive money in real time and worldwide between Wirecard accounts.
Fair and transparent: No hidden costs or monthly fees.

What you need to do

Nothing; we will make contact with Wirecard on your behalf and register your interest, please be sure to contact us if you DO NOT wish to use this service. Wirecard will then contact you directly to verify your details and complete your account setup.

It's that easy.

We look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Casino Action Management
Wire Card AG

Wire Card AG is the Corporation that OWNS CLICK2PAY. You can go to their website and put in Search for Click2pay. It tells when then established click2pay, etc.

They are probably the ones processing Click2pay wire transfers. Setting up an account with them will require you to file them as Foreign bank account with IRS.

I looked it up and the Federal Reserve and Treasury Dept. consider companies as Click2pay as "NON+BANKs" who facilitate ecommerce transactions. So I still can't figure out why someone posted that C2P and neteller, etc. are considered Foreign bank accounts.
Unless I'm missing something, it sounds like yet another proprietary deposit and withdrawal system. Better than nothing, though, if ya gotta play.
Club World getting debit cards

Michael from Club world called me last night and told me that they are getting debit cards for players including the USA. It will be much easier for us. There will be a minor charge but he said it will be worth it

I mentioned this on the online casino thread as well
Huh, looks like the bank is a fairly recent acquisition of wirecard, which is largely a payment processor:

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1.5 million euro in deposit insurance? Beat the crap out of FDIC's $100,000 limit.
So I still can't figure out why someone posted that C2P and neteller, etc. are considered Foreign bank accounts.
The reporting requirement is for foreign financial accounts, which traditionally included brokerage accounts and the like in addition to bank accounts.

Oh boy!, I'm not feeling good about this situation. I never reported these web wallets because I thought they were just payment processors like PayPal. Do people have to report Paypal? I've been playing for a couple of years, never reported anything. Mainly because I am in the RED. But I guess thats not how it works.

Unfortunately, stupidity is not a defense to prosecution. However, I guess I am in the same boat as the majority of players.

The issue is what to do now.

I wish the government, who said they passed this legislation because people were "losing their money", I WISH THEY WOULD announce an amnesty to allow citizens to report their online gaming transactions. Obviously, if they come after us all, THEY WILL BE PUTTING US IN A FAR WORSE FINANCIAL POSITION THEN ANY OF US OUR IN RIGHT NOW as a result of playing online.

I knew this was going to happen. The"act" addresses financial institutions, but the FALLOUT is going to be the IRS having access to all the records!!!

Damn. Now not only will I have lost in the Long RUN but I'll be paying penalties, interest, etc. and possible prosecution.

That sucks, they knew the number of people gambling online. So are they going to label us all CRIMINALS? Or do they just want us to stop!

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