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Nov 20, 2005
Last month I opened an account at Nostolgia Casino, because the instant payment to neteller sounded great and they are accredited here. I made one deposit, lost it, and when I tried to make another deposit, they said my Neteller account was locked. When I contacted the casino, they said to take it up with Neteller. I am a VIP at neteller, and they did not lock the account. Finally I just said, forget it, I'll go back to my favorite casinos.

Yesterday, I again went in search of a good new casino. I decided to download Challenge Casino, again because of the instant payments, but also because of the nice sign in bonus. I did not realize they were in the same group as Nostolgia (I'll pay more attention to those details in the future).The bonus is 3 tiered for the first three deposits. I deposited $200 successfully from Neteller, but the money was not credited to my casino account. I had to contact Neteller to get a transaction ID, then live chat Challenge casino with the id number, and then the casino credited my account. Had never had that happen before, but thought, hey, glitches happen. So I lost my $200 deposit and the $50 bonus I received. Went to deposit another $200 and my neteller account was locked by them. I spoke to the casino on live chat, and they said they didn't know why I was locked, but they would turn it over to management. Of course I never heard another word. I didn't lose any winnings, but I sure lost a few hours of my time. Sure makes my favorite casinos look even better.

Has anyone else had any problems with this group?
Really weird and not common for them.

They are the only group offering instant payments aymore as far as I know.

Something strange is going on there.

It is possible that Neteller are the ones with heads in the sand! I have had problems with cash-ins being marked as "DECLINED". Neteller swore that it was impossible for them to deny a credit and said they could find no reason for it.

It turned out to be Grade A Bull****. The merchant account that was making the transfer had insufficient funds to cover it, so the transaction was bounced BY NETELLER. If they had told me this was the cause, I would have saved nearly 9 months of my time in researching the issue based on Neteller's response.

In this case, it is probably a security trip in Neteller, that trips after the first deposit. The deposit function in an MG casino actually takes place on a Neteller server (found out when I got the link in a IE script error message).

One possibility is a mismatch between data at Neteller and the casino interface. I would check the registered E-mails are the same at Neteller and the casino. Phone Neteller, and specifically ask to speak to VIP CS, as they tend to be the better trained ones. If the data mismatch is down to the account or security numbers none of the deposits should have worked.

Other data to check would be name and address registered at Neteller and the casino, this is another thing that could trip on a second deposit. The fact that the lock did not happen over the whole group tends to look like an automated trip based on individual casino accounts and related data.
Is that the maintenance time of neteller?

Their are 5 casinos in this group now:

Music hall casino,challenge casino,Nostalgia Casino ,UK Casino Club ,

Golden Reef Casino

They all offer instant payment to neteller.

I will record this matter.

As a follow-up, I received an email from the Challenge Casino rep, who said they had fixed my neteller problem. Which I verified by losing the next 2 deposits and bonuses:rolleyes:

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