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Aug 6, 2004
PR:Casino Action Advantage - New Player Loyalty System

Casino Action Advantage - New Player Loyalty System



Casino Action, the group behind five already well established and respected online casinos, today announced it has launched a brand new, revolutionary loyalty program Casino Action ADVANTAGE (

Combining accounts from Challenge Casino, Music Hall Casino, Golden Reef Casino, UK Casino Club, Nostalgia Casino and the brand new Japanese language casino, iBig, Casino Action ADVANTAGE allows players to be rewarded each and every time they play at any of Casino Actions sites.

Having been in the pipeline for quite some time, ADVANTAGE was finally released after months of ongoing development and research into what online casino players really want out of a loyalty program. Suzy Raymer, the designer and general manager of Casino Action Advantage, stated that listening to our current players and the rest of the online gaming community was very important for us in developing something fresh and exciting when it comes to our loyalty program. After all, it is all about our players with each and everyone being valued.

All Casino Action ADVANTAGE players will automatically be awarded a level status, ranging from a normal member to the very exclusive Platinum Elite, which is strictly by invitation only. Current Casino Action players will be granted, on sign up, a membership level relating to their highest active casino account, with an automatic ADVANTAGE account being generated, rolling all points earnt together.

Whether playing, wagering or depositing, players can claim Casino Action ADVANTAGE points for casino credits or gifts from a fantastic list of prize rewards. On top of this, players will enjoy all the unique benefits on offer, such as increased cashin values, birthday bonuses and unlimited Neteller deposits.

ADVANTAGE points can be redeemed through an online store for a range of fantastic merchandise from a state of the art flat panel LCD TV to spa and relaxation products. By creating an online catalogue, ADVANTAGE ensures all players can redeem their casino credits and prizes as easily as possible.

We believe the more you play the more rewards you should enjoy and the more privileges you should receive. With this in mind we have designed a program which means the higher you climb up the membership ladder, the greater your privileges and the more points you can earn, Ms Raymer added.

This is just another feather in the cap for the Casino Action Group, who was recently given the seal of approval by eCOGRA, the international standards authority of the online gaming industry, which specifically oversees fair gaming practices, player protection and responsible operator conduct.

Going one step further in recognizing and rewarding its valued players, the exclusive ADVANTAGE program opens up a gateway to a whole new gaming community, allowing players to accrue and redeem points faster giving them an even greater incentive to play and enjoy the VIP status they deserve.
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Sounds great. Now how about lightening up on the WR for bonuses? 50x playthrough for slots, and 100x-5000x (1% for classic BJ) for the rest. :eek2:
Typical Casino Action

By the afternoon of the 1st September I had already found the FIRST Cockup, and this was not the missing link in the mailers sent to players that meant they could not actually access any of the information on what action earns what points.

This mistake was corrected by CANCELLING THE ADVERTISED BENEFIT rather than amending the background systems:mad:

Mistake 2 emerged later in the week, and relates to the conversion factor between points and merchandise, which short changes ALL players at Silver and above status. (Look at the laptop (any merchandise will do though), and do the maths for each VIP level against points cash-in for chips and you will soon spot it)

Mistake 3 - Imbalance between points for deposit patterns will reward depositing behaviour that will cost the casino more to process than "normal" depositing behaviour.

Mistake 4 - Taking the p*** with the rewards for the staple desired behaviour, WAGERING. $30 for 1 point on SLOTS - Bloody hell!!!!! Most offer 1 point for $10 wagered on slots.

Mistake 5 - Pretending it is better than the "old system".
Nope, the "old system" gave 0.5 points per $10 wagered on 3 reel slots, and up to 0.7 wagered on 5 -Reel drive. Cash-in rates for points remain the same.
The only way that the new system is better than the old system is by players "overdepositing" compared to the amount they intend to wager. Such behaviour is substantially rewarded, when really it should be punished or ignored. The fact that points now need to be earned simply to maintain VIP level will only encourage this further. If players see an opportunity they will take it - I would suggest a close analysis of player behaviour this month, and how it differs from what would suit the casino best. If depositing one decent chunk, playing it and withdrawing only when the desire to play is over, then don't lavishly reward depositing $20 umpteen times, wagering it a bit, withdrawing it, depositing it all over again etc... while offering far less for depositing one decent chunk, wagering it for the whole session and withdrawing only at the end of the day.
If I need the points to prevent a downgrade, I know what I will be doing, especially since all the old promotions and tournaments I used to like have been savagely crippled to pay for these new schemes.

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