CASINO 770 Scam


Dormant account
Jul 22, 2011
Hi I am new here and I see you mention casino 770 being in the rogue pit..I am not surprised and I will tell you why..

My wife used my debit card and set up a casino account in my name,she even sent documents to verify id and every time the casino phoned for me she would pretend I was out...when I discovered this I was fuming and contacted the casino via email...they wrote back saying they had all the id proof they needed and as they had spoke to a male voice on the phone they disputed my story..
I knew the phone bit was a lie and asked if it was recorded they said it was but conviniently were unable to supply.
I actually let the matter go and the wife is truly sorry.....could not be bothered to try and fight the casino..
However this casino phones daily,always the same woman demanding that I send her an email within 48 hrs saying thatI allowed the payments and will not ask my bank for a charge back...I made it quite clear I will not send anything in and pointed out that they have the money so "do one"...this woman who speaks in a heavy chinese accent keeps saying if I do not comply they will sue me,and i and my wife will be "toast"...and that visa will put a life long ban on us ever getting a debit card again.
I actually just laugh at her and say she is talking nonsense but she still phones daily...I asked to speak to a supervisor and she says no....I looked on there website and found a number and a address.....and immediately got suspicious...the address said flat 1 in it so i googled it...and there was a link taking me to a scam aware website where that same address had been used for a previous scam!!!!!....the phone number on the site also looks like a run of the mill residentiall I called it and same lady answers it simply saying "hello"......I utterly believe casino 770 is just a one person op running out of someones front this possible!!!!!
When this mad woman phoned again demanding money she already has in her account I put forward my thoughts to her,she insisted she was a operator at a call centre so I said prove it,let me speak to another operator....she hung up....I have got several other friends to phone at random times and its always the same,same woman,same "hello" instead of casino 770....
Does anyone know how I contact the licencing people about this,I believe they are Malta based..
I have put a with held call bar on my phone,so when she calls and withholds her number my line will not accept the call......any advice or similar stories