casino 21 should be rogue, goldbetting, lucky dog, directnetpay


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Feb 16, 2008
houston tx
why are these people not in rogue

they pay late or not at all, dont follow their own rules, complaints all over th place from them

when will they be in rogue

love this site by the way, nice to have someone to complain and warn others


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Feb 25, 2008
You might try elaborating a bit more if you want to warn people. I can't play at this casino anyway, but others here can. Anything more indepth you can add to your complaint about them?


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Jun 30, 1998
You also may want to check out the I-Gaming Forum reps - there is a rep there. And this casino group is in the "Cautions" section. They've been there for quite some time.


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Jun 11, 2006
Planet Earth
I agree with the original poster that the Wager21 group should be a full-fledged rogue or a not recommended... more than just a caution. I believe that Wager21 has table games with a slot-like distribution, rather than a deck of cards. If you play Pai Gow or VP expecting the payout listed at Wizard of Odds, you will be disappointed. I don't recall that this serious payout issue is mentioned in the terms, so players mistakingly believe they are playing one game (a random card game based on a deck of cards) and they get another (a slot with a lower payout). The terms do say that practice mode pays out more than real mode, which is also concerning. A player gets a >100% payout on a table game in practice mode, then gets an abnormally low payout in real mode.

The group also has more than their share of player issues, often relating to slow/no pay or not replying to emails. However, they have been helpful in resolving these issues, unlike many of the casinos in the rogue pit. I'm not sure how helpful the rep on this forum will be, as he hasn't logged in this year.


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Mar 23, 2006
LadyDream never paid me

I agree they should be in Rogue. Ladydream never paid me. Made up some nonsense about my cancelling a charge I had made to a credit card to deposit there and that is just not true. I hit a royal flush and had accumulated over eleven thousand dollars. Never saw a dime of it.
Too bad, because I liked their games. Could play without downloading.
As much as I bet they would have probably gotten it all back anyway.
Can't gamble online anymore now anyway, US citizen.

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