Casino 1x2 - New Management Information?


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Jul 17, 2003
I had a question regarding Casino I am sorry if this was posted elsewhere, but I was unable to find anything else.

It appears this casino was either completely redone with the same management, or it looks like it has a new management with many different software types. They have live gaming, no download, poker room, and many more.

Has anyone heard about this group? I know the past of them but I didn't know if they were taken over by some other group. The website seems very professional and it looks like a good site now.

Any comments or things you all can tell me.

Thank you very much,

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LOL, well it seems the website is down at the moment, as soon as I post this!!!

Hopefully will be back up in a bit.

The website is back up, must have been upgrading or something, let me know anyone!

Thanks, Justin
I have played their signup bonus with the new software.

I won around 400$ and was paid almost instantly.

...I like the software - but they dont reply on mails.

JI Joe - and Im not promoting them:lolup:
New website, possible new management. Maybe its time for a new review of this outfit?
The software is the same though. Good old Diamond software. I think this is the only place that still has it. Not sure though. "Casino1x2 is one of the leading Casinos on the Internet" yeah right .. ;)
However they tell upfront where they are operated and licenced. Costa Rica.
They also have a new live casino. Itsreal , which operates under casinowebcam software.

Thanks for the information everyone, I wanted to know their story.

I am very interested in the Live Casino as its one of the only live dealer casinos that still accept usa players.

Anyone else have feedback?

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