Casimba stealing my

Om sorry if my English is bad but I try my best.
Im in a dispute with the casino Casimba. I used a bonus and lost the money. Everything but a few penny. Then I did a new deposit without bonus and I won about 16000 dollar. When I tried to cashout they told me that I havent followed ther bonusrules and they Only gave me the money back. What can I do?

Please help me.


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Right, what should happen here in Casimba and other Caddell casinos is that once any bonus funds fall to less than £1/1euro then the bonus is voided and your balance becomes cash. So if you deposited cash at this stage, then you wouldn't be under bonus restrictions. If however you still had over 1euro or the Krone equivalent in bonus funds then that may have caused the issue.


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Im from Sweden so I use Swedish crowns and 1 crown is like 0.1 dollar. I might had 3 crowns in my accont....
3 Crowns is only about 27 pence in English money.

So as Dunover said the bonus should of fell off/been voided.

Not sure if Casimba is accredited or have a rep on here (others will be along soon to add to the thread). But try that route first, then you could try a PAB ( search on this forum to understand what you need to do)

All the best.


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There are casino representatives active here at CM. The list is here:

I am not sure if Casimba has a rep though. If you find one, send him a message to look into your case

If you can't find one or do not receive a satisfactory answer you can file a PAB, this is a free CM service to communicate with the casino on behalf of the player. Every member has one shot with an unaccredited casino (Casimba to my knowledge is not accredited at CM). You can find the FAQ's here, read through them and then fill out the form and submit it. Max, the CM PAB manager will be in touch. Go here:
Hope it all goes well!