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May 13, 2014
Decided to post this here more of a heads up to other players. Really can't be bothered to go down the complaints or PAB route right now :mad:

This got my blood boiling but several visits to chat have totally sapped my motivation,

Sad really as these guys saw 80% of my slots budget these days.

Here goes.....

Friday just gone (10/11/17) I deposited £25 GBP and took a 75% reload which they'd sent to my via e-mail earlier that day.

Wagering for this (and all their reloads, excluding SUB's) is 35 x Bonus only. (In this case £656.25)

Played for 3 hours or so Friday, Included over 1,000 (0.30p) spins on Immortal Romance among other games, went to bed, resumed mid afternoon Saturday and hit a decent win for about £100 so decided not long after to check remaining WR.

To my shock it was showing as £26.34 (x35) - Jumped straight onto Live chat.

After a lengthy chat It was discovered that my deposit had "accidentally" been included in the overall WR and also that it should NOT have been.

I was told that this would be looked into, I finally got some action after 1pm today!!!!!

However as I was expecting just £1.34 (x35) to show in rollover requirement, nope they have reset it to the full £18.75 with ZERO percentage contributed so far (IE: ALL of Friday and Saturday's wageres totally ignored / not counted)

Spotting this I went to chat again to explain, the logs and screenshots are below.

Surely this is bang out of order!!!

Screenshot 2017-11-11 15.54.04.png

Screenshot 2017-11-11 15.54.11.png

Screenshot 2017-11-13 09.53.19.png

Screenshot 2017-11-15 14.05.39.png

Hello . How are you today? I'm here to assist you.

hiya. can you check the wagering on the 75% reload I took last night please.
I'm convinced there is a mistake, should be nearly completed by my estimations

Hi Jonathan, your roll over amount is £26.34 x 35 = £921.90.

nope that's not correct
I only received £18.75 bonus
18.75 x 35 = £656

Holly 03:39:50 pm

You have deposited £25.00 and received a bonus of £18.75.


Holly 03:40:12 pm

Kindly check your progress on your My Account, balance, roll over.
Your roll over amount is £26.34 x 35 = £921.90.

wagering is 35 x the bonus amount awarded correct?

Holly 03:41:14 pm

The bonus has been awarded correctly yo your account.

yet the rollover is showing higher than the bonus awarded so it is clearly incorrect

Holly 03:42:24 pm

The roll over is your cash and bonus calculated together.

since when, I thought all reloads (after the welcome package) were 35 x bonus amount only?

Holly 03:43:24 pm

If you have selected a match offer your cash and bonus would need to be wagered x 35.

I have taken many matches and all have been 35 x bonus only
have the terms been chaged recently regarding bonuses? 03:44:03 pm

Holly 03:45:32 pm

That is correct
the wagering is x 35.
Your roll over amount consists of your cash and bonus amount.
You may check your progress on your My Account, balance, roll over. 03:46:07 pm

I can see I am getting nowhere here, I thought I'd expolained pretty clearly
point 5.3 and 5.5 of your T&C's say 35 x bonus 03:48:35 pm

Holly 03:49:27 pm

Wagering is different to your bonus balance.

I am totally confused here, I play very regular at you casino group and make many deposits.
all previous bonuses taken have been subject to 35 x the bonus amount only (not cash balance also) - your own terms reflect this information as I understand it 03:50:30 pm

Holly 03:51:21 pm

If you have chosen a match offer you would need to wager your cash and bonus balance.

can players still withdraw if they have not dipped into the bonus portion of the balance?

You would need to complete wagering in order to make a withdrawal however you may forfeit any bonuses once you have deposited and before placing any bets.

I am so sorry but I'm confident the information you are providing is not correct. Can you pass this whole chat / query onto a member of the management team please?

Holly 03:53:50 pm

I am a senior host, all information provided to you is accurate.

yet your own terms state the opposite
have a look at term 5.5 of the promotional terms
For Example: A Player has purchased £100 and received a bonus of £100, therefore has a total balance of £200. The Player has decided to play slots only, therefore, the Player must stake (wager) 35 X £100 = £3,500 before the bonus is converted into cash and eligible for withdrawal

Holly 03:55:50 pm

The bonus is totally different to your Roll over amount.

look at the term i posted and the example used
i got 18.75 bonus
which has to be wagered x 35 according to YOUR terms
this is £656 (to nearest £)
yet your telling me its over £900 despite all the wagering I have already done 03:57:12 pm

Holly 03:58:15 pm

I will explain this to you in a better way, please bare with me.


Holly 04:00:29 pm

All our bonuses have a 35 wagering requirement, you have claimed a bonus of £18.75 which needs to be wagered x 35.

Your roll over amount is £26.34 as you start playing with your cash first, your roll over amount consists of your cash and bonus.

this is my point thought, and where the computer error is, the rollover amount should never start higher than the bonus awarded
only on the 3-tier welcome bonus does this apply (35 x bonus AND deposit) 04:02:06 pm

Holly 04:02:10 pm

I will have this forwarded to the relevant team to be looked in to as it looks as if your deposit has been included in the wagering requirement, I advise you not to pace any further bets.
I have noted the error and I will now have this escalated.

ahhhh, thank you now we are getting somewhere lol

Holly 04:02:40 pm

I advise you not to place any further bets.

I won't I will log out now and await further information
Will you guys email me ? 04:03:01 pm

Holly 04:03:09 pm

Apologies for any inconvenience, once feedback has been received you will be notified via email.

cool, much appreciated

Holly 04:03:35 pm

You're most welcome Jonathan, thank you for your time today.

thanks for your, glad we got there in the end :)

***more to add, gotta go school lol
Be careful with Bonuses!
It is  crucial  that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of any bonus that you accept. Most of the complaints that come through our arbitration service are bonus related; it would be safe to say that there are tens of thousands of players who have never complained because they realized after the fact that they did not understand or had never read the terms. Nothing in a casino is free – so whenever you see “free” being used, there are stipulations. It is important for you to understand that.

Please check out our Bonus Section that lists the offers given by our Accredited Casinos. No deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses (AKA sign up bonuses [SUBs]), exclusive bonuses, reload bonuses, free spin bonuses...all this and more!
A chat log further into the matter...

Hello . How are you today? I'm here to assist you.
Hi there Jonathan, how are you?

Hi Leigh, not too bad thanks, yourself? .could you please advise me what is happening regarding the issue on my account please, it has been over the 48 hours i was told now :(

Leigh 10:05:14 am

Of course. Please allow me just a moment to access and review your account.

thank you

Thank you for your patience :)

ok :)

Leigh 10:10:04 am

Jonathan, could you please advise as to what exactly the issue was?

I reported this issue Saturday, agent confirmed that £25 cash had been included in my wagering when it should not have been
all that need doing is the rollover changing to 1.34 10:11:14 am

Leigh 10:11:28 am

Thank you for your patience. I see that our IT team has provided feedback and advised that at the time there were no funds in your account and you played accordingly yo the wagering requirements.

i deposited £25
i took a 75% reload and received 18.75 bonus funds
the wagering should have been 18.75 x 35
the error started where the system started the wagering at 43.75 x 35 (total balance) 10:13:04 am

Leigh 10:13:11 am

I do see that the amounts on the account are showing as above, kindly hold for me. Apologies for the inconvenience Jonathan.

ok, thanks

Leigh 10:17:02 am

I'm still with you Jonathan, I am just communicating with the relevant department. Your patience is much appreciated.

cool, thanks

Alright, there seems to have been an error on IT's end. They are currently reviewing the issue again right now, we will try out utmost best to provide you with feedback within the next few hours, if not sooner.
I'm so sorry about this Jonathan, I can understand how frustrating it must be for you, but we will sort this issue for you and it will be treated with urgency. 10:21:41 am

much appreciated, Its nice to chat with an agent who see's my point and understands.
I will cross my fingers that I hear from you amicably later today :)
Thanks for your time and help this morning :)

Leigh 10:23:37 am

It's my absolute pleasure Jonathan, we will be in touch soon. Have a fantastic morning, chat later :)

cool, you too, thanks again, take care. bye :)

Leigh 10:24:04 am

Any time. And you too :) Bye!
...and finally the icing on the cake and the reason for my longest thread since joining CM!

Hello How are you today? I'm here to assist you.

hi donna, I had an issue esculated, this took ages before something was done
finally someone has looked at my account and it has been done incorrect :((( getting really fed up now :(((( 02:04:16 pm

Im sorry to hear that, Jonathan. Please allow me a moment to have a look at your account.


Thank you for holding Jonathan. I have gone through the previous chat you have regarding the technical error that was made on your account. I do apologize for that.

I do see that the error has been rectified. I can confirm that the wagering amount is 18.75 on the account.

nope not rectified
allow me to try and explain once agin
the rollover / wagering remaining should in fact be £1.26 02:11:11 pm
All the wagers I placed on Friday / Saturday have NOT been considered
these wagers taken away from the original 18.75 will leave just 1.26 remaining

Donna 02:13:59 pm

I do apologize for the back and forth in having to explain this yet again. Please allow me a moment to have a thorough look at this for you.

ok, thanks

Donna 02:23:02 pm

Thank you for holding and your patience, I do appreciate it. I have had a look and I can confirm that the matter was escalated to the relevant department and they have reviewed the game play on the account thoroughly and all bets placed on all the days since the deposit was made have been taken into consideration. The matter has been resolved fully and the decision from their end is final. I do apologize for all the inconvenience this may have caused.

it has not been resolved fully, though
that is a load of rubbish, the bonus wagering as it stand suggest i have done ZERO game play 02:24:05 pm
i played for 3 hours or more friday, one part was over 1,000 on your immortal romance slot

Donna 02:25:05 pm

I understand your frustration and if there was anything I could personally do on my end with regards to this, I would however the relevant department has looked into this and have made the decision on their end.

over 1,000 spins on immortal romance, that's £300 wagering right there alone *
my point is how can they make totally unfair decisions such as that where they are totally wrong

Donna 02:26:10 pm

I do apologize you feel this way. Im afraid I cant speak on their behalf and why they made this decision.

I started to lose the plot now but remained polite

well I will have to see what the UKGC say about this, they have been clamping down on this sort of behaviour from the casinos most recently
i tell you why they made this decision is because they can't be bothered to sort it correctly nor have any care for me as a very regular and loyal depositor across your casino group either. None of this is personal to you for the record, you will however understand my severe frustration over this matter 02:28:23 pm

Donna 02:30:05 pm

I completely understand the frustration you are experiencing and once again, I do apologize. I can assure that we care about all players at the casino and with regards to this particular query, I can also assure that the relevant department have looked thoroughly through the account for you.

if that was the case then they would have understood my point, the error and realised i was 100% correct in what i reported
nope they have gone about it completely wrong, corrected the error wrong and also made me wait 4 days for something which is still not sorted 02:31:06 pm

Donna 02:33:17 pm

I understand. The particular department doesn't however work on weekends hence the long wait. Which I can understand has also contributed to the frustration. I sincerely apologize for this.

Whilst I appreciate your personal (and on behalf of the casino) apologies, this does nothing sadly to address the wagering error which is stil on my account, nor the releveant teams attitude towards said problem

Donna 02:37:49 pm

I understand. Believe me if there was anything I could do I would however the matter was completely up to the department.

you could tell them that I am not happy and this is terrible customer service and could they take the wagers from friday / saturday off the remaining rollover requirement

Donna 02:40:22 pm

Im afraid when the initial issue was sent to the department , it was looked into and the decision that has been made on the account is final and cannot be looked into again.

I mean, seriously, WTF! (this was not part of chat lol, added for this post)

right, i can see I am getting nowhere here so I will leave you to "assist" other players. I'll sadly have to seek 3rd party advice. thanks for your time today

Donna 02:48:14 pm

I am sorry you feel that way. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy your day further.


Donna 02:48:49 pm

Never in 14 years have I came across a casino so unwilling to help with a shitty attitude. I regularly "backed up" and supported this group, not to mention as earlier the volume and frequency of my deposits.

Awful experience and I guarantee foil hat mode when forced to try and beat the fresh wager later tonight!
Caddell support is very mysterious and frustrating to say the least. Its very very weird how they act.

I have found on many of their casinos their support to be very aggressive and short. They claim to never be wrong and if you have a problem good luck it getting resolved properly.

There was a glitch in the game and they ripped me off for a few bucks. When I showed them 2 screenshots of it, they outright refused to listen or admit anything happened. They told me their decision is final. And I said what if this was $3000 missing and their response was "our response would be the same"

So I find you have to be careful with what casino you decide to play with. Most of them are very bad but I found spinstation or spinland to be very very good. I cant remember which one it was but the support wasnt like the rest. They were english and not 3rd world cheap labor.

I refuse to play at casimba, diamond 7, dreamjackpot and almost every other one because I do not have faith in their support or management.
That was like reading War and Peace! No wait.......War and Peace was shorter :eek:

Casinos get away with too much, these are all practices that should be looked into by the UKGC, but I fear that might not happen 'for a while yet' :mad:

I thought you were treated pretty badly in this instance Jon, made all the more sad by your long-standing loyalty towards them, and the fact that they thought you were stupid/ wouldn't notice/ wouldn't protest the decision too much :mad:

No other way to end this post, but in their words I'll finish with:

"hope you enjoy your day further"

Jon I commend you for your patience dealing with this matter. Shocking treatment of a loyal player.:mad:
I think this group has gone downhill lately and they are definitely not what they used to be.

I would take it further as a matter of principle, they are obviously attempting to frustrate you in the hope you will just give up and go away. There is nothing like listening to the customer huh - they were just not interested.

Casimba was the casino that I couldn't even get a bonus on Bonanza after in excess of 2700 spins and it ended up fleecing over £350 in their multitude of dead games. I deposited £200 last month and I didn't manage to hit one bonus on any game - I refuse to go there now.
What is frustrating is that they agreed with you ultimately about the WR error on your account, then did f-all to redress it! :(

That is the worst part of Jon's ordeal or indeed any other player who finds themselves in this position. If I were Jon I would have an overwhelming urge to jump through the computer and throttle somebody. This situation goes against the UKCG and ASA rules as Jon did not get what was advertised and was then thoroughly screwed over. If they would do this to a player with a smallish balance imagine what they have done with people with bigger deposits who didn't notice the issue. How many people completed wagering but didn't know it and continue to "wager" until they have lost their balance? The behaviour of this group needs looking into I think.
What is frustrating is that they agreed with you ultimately about the WR error on your account, then did f-all to redress it! :(

That's exactly what I was going to say. They've clearly admitted their error! I'd be fuming too Jon - and I wouldn't let it lie.

Too many casinos are attempting to take the piss for my liking, so I give them what for until they cave and rectify any errors to my satisfaction! I'm still wrangling with Will Hill over an AOTG bonus round that never resumed/paid out/logged in my game history a week later!!

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