cashin blocked in pending section since 15 days!!!grandbanks


Dormant account
Aug 5, 2003
bonus rating.con credited 50$ in my account to have won a contest ,i'm playing and my wagering requirement was ok when i did this withdraw of 220$,i did it the 17/07/03,i send them all my papers to process at my withdraw,and it's blocked in the pending section since 2 weeks,each time i contact the casino they said to me it's normal there is a problem with neteller!!!!!i deposit 20$ too to can make this withdraw by neteller!and nothing at this time!!
Hi Loul!

And welcome to Casinomeister.

It's too bad you didn't do any research on this casino before you made a deposit. I spoke with one of the operators about this sort of "dilemma" last June in Toronto. Brian Woods is the operator of Black Widow, Grand Banks, and Sterling House. You can read about it here:
Lou, I went through the same confusion at 2 other casinos, (supposedly) neteller wont take cashouts from casinos you have not purchased through }neteller at. At both, I did the $20 deposit like they told you to & added that to my cashout without spending another dime in the casino...about 4 or 5 days later it was in neteller....from Bryans newsletter it looks like they will take longer purposly obviously, but its better not to prolong it to thier advantage. Or perhaps you can choose another method of payment...just watch those charges!! i chose neteller because its free...not sure about the rest of the methods}.
Sorry for your troubles & good luck to you!
hello gamblers
great news i received my 220$ cashin from grandbanks casino and they give me a 100$ bonus!!!!!i'm waiting a long time and now it's ok!!
That's good loul, but expect subsequent cashins there to take just as long or longer. That is their standard operating procedure, and I think it sucks.
Dear Rainman,

I took on the GB/Black Widow group a couple of years ago as advertisers. They were the first RTG sites that I took on board, mainly for their untiring efforts to keep their players happy via a really good support system. They were one of the most responsive RTG casinos out there. But this was a couple of years ago.

When they switched to Playtech, they began to have problems. Maybe it was a change of staff, I don't know. But when Black Widow pulled a really bad stunt last fall, the winds shifted:

Black Widow got yanked from the site, and since GB and Sterling House weren't directly involved. They were not rogued. GB ads came down about the same time as BW's. Sterling House has never purchased ad space here.

But, unfortunately for them, all three were rogued a couple of months ago due to revelations made to me in Montreal. So to answer your question, "Is grand banks is or was on your site." The answer is yes, they can be found here:
I agree, they used to be GREAT when they were RTG and fairly new. They had lots of good bonuses and competitions. I think they actually started stumbling before the Playtech changeover though.
I finally received my cahsout from Grand Banks. I cashed out on August 10th, 7 weeks!!! and I had to call them , e-mail them and live chat with them on several occasions. Their policy is : the more you win the more you'll have to wait

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