cash out delayed due to holiday?


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Jul 14, 2004
Florida, USA
I recently hit a progressive at phonecian and requested a cashout on I get the whole 24 hr pending status, and I can even understand ok they didnt get to it on wednesday thats thursday it leaves pending status only to go to finance who I was told wont process it until tuesday...due to easter holiday weekend.

Maybe its just me but why is it they can accept my money and take it out immediately but when I want to get paid everyone is on vacation?

is this normal practice?:what:


Phoenician has an instant payout facility through Neteller that you probably didn't use. It allows you to cash out up to $2500 instantly.

Don't know if you can cash that out now - but in the meantime, Phoenician is changing owners so that could be the reason for the delay.

If you are Platinum you could have asked for a flush. I doubt the Neteller instant payment will cope with a progressive, unless one of the smaller ones. There is also a 10K weekly limit on withdrawals, but this does NOT include the instant payments if they are done AFTER the formal 10K withdrawal. They may make special arrangements for a progressive.

I would advise getting on to them on Wednesday should the money not show on Tuesday as they are moving to Casino Rewards group, and these are less than recommended, although I would hope that the current owners will pay this before the transfer as it was won before it.

I believe you were unlucky by one day in making the withdrawal, otherwise it should have come out this morning. I have noticed that Casino Action only run the payment process once daily, and usually around midnight EST, and mine have arrived in Neteller at around 1am to 2am EST.
I now use the instant payment method at all, and this WILL work over the holidays, at up to $2500 per day for Platinum members.

Nice hit!
Just over 10K I see though.
If you requested more than 10K it is very possible you will find the withdrawal will stall and not be released. You will be asked to reverse and resubmit a max of 10K. DO contact CS first, and not leave it till after Easter as it is possible their processor will not inform you of this oversight till Tuesday when they attempt to process it.

I find Casino Action rather "accident prone" in many technical respects (remember the BJ tournament fiasco in December and January), and would not be surprised if you post on Tuesday of no funds and possibly no reason offered till you contact them. Once contacted, they normally sort this out.
If Platinum, and with Neteller, I suggest 4x$2500 over the Easter break (one every 24 hours), and play the odd $900 or withdraw at the end. It should all be done before the 24th, when you become a Casino Rewards player!
There are a number of casinos who don't pay over weekends, and i guess it stands to reason that they dont pay over public holidays too. This is a conversation we had recently and I agree with you that it is frustrating. On the other hand, I have some sympathy for the staff :)

Between Friday and Sunday, I only ever play at one casino now as i know they will flush it and process it on Friday night and sometimes over the weekend too.

The limit for instant NETeller at Phoenician is $2.5k (though they will apparently do more if you ask) so that wouldn't have been an option on this one in all liklihood.
xstud said:
here is my big win for those who were curious
congrats.this is did the difficult part of the job.
and yes,they aare not on holiday when taking our money,but when paying it is not easy to find someone.

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